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Breast implants? more cool than pathetic (more pathetic than cool)
Would you consider meeting 2 people online, and arranging a threesome? Yes (No)
How does the idea of being slapped hard in the face during sex make you feel? Horrified Aroused Nostalgic (Indifferent)
Divide your age by 2. Have you had sex with at least that many people? Yes (No)
Is a girl who's slept with 100 guys a bad person? Yes (No)
Is a guy who's slept with 100 girls a bad person? Yes (No)
Should sex with someone 16 years old be a jailable offense, if you're 25 or older? (Yes) No
Would you date someone just for the sex? Yes (No)
Do you have experience being in a slave/master relationship? Yes (No)
Do you have any interest in being in a slave/master relationship? (Yes) No
BDSM: Without looking it up, do you know exactly what it stands for? (Yes) No
Do you enjoy meaningless sex? Yes (No)
Do you read erotic fiction? (Yes) No
Is it wrong to watch pornographic films if you're in a relationship? Yes (No)
Would you watch a porno movie with your ideal match? (Yes) No
Have you ever owned sex toys? (Yes) No
Which is a bigger deal for you? (Telling someone you really care) Oral sex
Would you dump someone simply because they weren't good at sex? Yes (No)
Would you rather... (be tied up during sex) do the tying avoid bondage all together
Would you like to receive pain during sex? Yes, lots and lots (Yes, some) No
Group sex (with 3 or more people): I have tried it. It seriously interests me. (I have little or no interest.)
Do you like kissing in public? (Yes) No
Are you more horny or more lonely? Horny (Lonely)
Regardless of future plans, what's more important to you right now? Sex (Love)
Would you ever consider an open marriage? That means you can sleep with other people. (Yes) No
How old were you when you lost your virginity? Under 18 18 or Over (I never have!)
Would you ever take your family to a nude beach? Yes (No)
Would you let your children under 13 watch movies with full nudity? (Yes) No
Would you ever stop dating someone just because you discovered their parents were hideously ugly? Yes (No)
How important is religion/God in your life? (Note: you can change your religion on your Profile page. You can also FORCE matches with your own religion on the Settings page.) Extremely important Somewhat important (Not very important) Not at all important
Is your duty to religion/God even more important than your family? Yes (No)
Do you believe in some kind of a spiritual, cosmic force outside the realm of most modern religion? (Yes) No
Some religions are more correct than others. True (False)
Do you believe in ghosts? (Yes) No
Would you prefer good things happened, or interesting things? (Good) Interesting
Which describes you better? Normal (Weird)
Which would you rather be? Normal (Weird)
Which word better describes you? (Carefree) Intense
Have you ever seen a therapist? (Yes) No
Do you think really abstract art - like just splattered paint - can be truly brilliant? (Yes) No
When something upsets you, what do you become more of? Talkative and outreaching (Quiet and withdrawn)
When telling stories, do you like to exaggerate? Yes (No)
Which, on you, is closest to perfection? (Your mind) Your body Your wallet Your soul
Does the idea of flipping a coin to make important life decisions appeal to you? (Yes) No
Are you attracted to dangerous situations? Yes (No)
Do you like to argue? Yes (No)
Have you ever cried during a movie? (Yes) No
Which describes you better? Warm-hearted (Cool-headed)
Are you a better conversationalist or listener? Conversationalist (Listener)
When in charge of others, how do you tend to be? Firm and Demanding (Helpful and Understanding)
Which word describes you better? (Private) Social
Which is more important in a healthy relationship? Maintaining privacy (Total openness)
Do you have a problem with racist jokes? (Yes) No
Are you modest? (Yes) No
Are you a highly skilled writer? (Yes) No
Are you more of a fast or careful talker? Fast (Careful)
Is homosexuality a sin? Yes, it's a sin (No, it's not a sin)
Is interracial marriage a bad idea? Yes (No)
It's the man's responsibility to provide, not the woman's. True (False)
Would you rather live in the big city or a small town? Big city (Small town)
Do you spend more money on clothes or food? Clothes (Food)
How do you like your social plans? Settled and decided (Tentative)
Are you more of a morning person or a night person? Morning (Night)
How much do you drink alcohol? (Note: you can change your public answer to this on your Profile page.) Very often Sometimes Rarely (Never)
Generally, do you enjoy being drunk? Yes No (I don't know, because I've never been drunk.)
What's your relationship with marijuana? I smoke regularly I smoke occasionally I smoked in the past, but no longer (Never)
What's your deal with harder drugs (not marijuana)? I do drugs regularly. I do drugs occasionally. I've done drugs in the past, but no longer. (I never do drugs.)
How much do you go "clubbing" (out dancing in bars)? Lots Sometimes Rarely (Never)
Have you ever tried Yoga? Yes (No)
Do you enjoy gossip? Yes (No)
Do you regularly go out partying on weeknights? Yes (No)
Do you own a gun? Yes (No)
Does smoking disgust you? (Yes) No
How messy are you? I'm very messy I'm average (I'm mostly organized) I'm compulsively neat
On a daily basis, do you spend a lot of time trying to make yourself look good? Yes (No)
Honestly, which do you do more of? Watch television (Read)
Your friends are: (mostly guys) mostly girls both guys and girls
Generally, in life, what makes you happier? Quality (Variety)
Are you almost always on time? (Yes) No
Do you regularly paint or sculpt? Yes (No)
Are you, or have you ever been, in a band? (A solo act is fine, too. Don't count school bands.) Yes (No)
Do you write poetry? Yes (No)
Horror movies? Good (Bad)
Is running a marathon something you'd ever consider? Yes (No)
Do you like to play contact sports? Yes I do, but I don't play much anymore. (No)
Do you have a child or children? Yes (No)
Have you ever been married? Yes (No)
Could you name 5 impressionists, and a painting by each? Yes (No)
Can you name 5 operas, and their composers? Yes (No)
Can you name any ballet other than the Nutcracker? Yes (No)
Would you travel around a third world country, alone? Yes (No)
Have you EVER traveled around another country alone? Yes (No)
Is it okay to live with someone you're dating, even before you're engaged or married? (Yes) No
Do animals have "souls" like humans do? (Yes) No
Is evil necessary in the world? (Yes) No
Save the animals! (Yes) No
How much does physical attractiveness matter to you in a match? A lot (A little) Not at all
Would you strongly prefer to date someone of your own skin color / racial background? (Note: you can force this on your settings page.) (Yes) No
Do you work out a lot? Yes (No)
Do you lift weights? Yes (No)
What kind of shape are you in? (Great) Average Shitty
Do you wear expensive designer clothes? Yes (No)
Do you have any tattoos? I have 1 or more BIG tattoos I have 1 or more LITTLE tattoos (I have no tattoos)
Do you have any extreme piercings? (EXCLUDING standard ears, nose, belly button) Yes (No)
Do you look better dressed or naked? (Dressed) Naked
Is a short miniskirt inappropriate for a woman to wear to a wedding? Yes No (No opinion)
Can you run a mile without stopping? Yes (No)
Are you physically strong? Yes, very (Average) No, not really
Do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved? Yes (No)
All else the same, would you rather date someone rich or hot? Rich (Hot)
Would you get upset if your girlfriend/boyfriend flirted in front of you? (Yes) No
Would you abort a baby if it was going to be retarded? (Yes) No It depends on the severity
Which would you rather see? 2 guys fighting (2 girls fighting)
If you had to guess, do you think humans will go extinct in the next 1000 years? Yes (No)
Would you be happy raising the kids while your spouse worked? Yes (No)
Is it possible to love someone you don't even like? Yes (No)
Is it wrong to date someone in your workplace? Yes (No)
Would you ever sleep with a serial killer? (Yes) No
Choose a romantic activity: Kissing in Paris (Kissing in a tent, in the woods)
Would you write your child's college entry essay? Yes (No)
Would you rather know everything about your mate, or be regularly surprised? Surprised (All-knowing)
Which makes for a better relationship? Passion (Dedication)
Choose one: (The ballet) Belly dancers
Would you take a 1 in 10 chance at death, just to be super rich? Yes (No)
If you had a one-night stand DURING a relationship, would you confess to your mate? (Yes) No
Pick the best date on this list: (A really nice restaurant) A really divey bar A day at the beach
In a certain light, wouldn't nuclear war be exciting? (Yes, it would) No
Would you ever seriously date someone twice your age? Yes (No)
Would you ever seriously date someone half your age? Yes (No)
Do you have your own web page? (Yes) No
Are you an aspiring actor/artist/writer or other creative type? Yes (No)
Do you know any programming languages? (Yes) No
Which is more appealing? (A life of leisure) A life of accomplishment
Would you rather have more money or more freedom? More money (More freedom)
If a poor 20 year-old woman marries a wealthy 40 year-old man, do you assume it's for the money? (Yes) No
Do you wear a suit to work (or female equivalent)? Yes (No)
Are you totally anti-war? (Yes) No
Politically, which way do you lean? To the right (republican in the US) (To the left (democrat in the US)) To the middle / I don't know
Do you recycle? Almost always (Sometimes) Rarely or not at all
The life of one of your fellow citizens is more valuable than the lives of ten foreigners. True (False)
Should the death penalty be abolished? Yes (No)
Do you usually vote in presidential (or applicable) elections? Yes (No)
What's more important to you? (Your world) Your country
Would you fight for your country in an unjust war? Yes (No)
Let's say you don't agree with a law, one that won't change. Which is your responsibility? (Breaking it when it suits you, or) Obeying it until it changes
Communism, in concept: (Good) Bad Same as capitalism No idea / this question doesn't interest me
Should burning your country's flag be illegal? Yes (No)
When rich people die, should they be allowed to will their money to their children, or should it be redistributed back to the people? (Willed to children) Redistributed
Which better explains why most homeless people are homeless? (Sheer laziness) Impossible odds
Which is bigger? The earth (The sun)
Who's smarter on average? Men Women (Neither; they're the same on average)
Have you ever cheated on an exam? Yes (No)
Are you smarter than absolutely everyone you've ever dated? Yes No
Have you ever studied math BEYOND calculus? (Yes) No
Are you smarter than all your friends? (Yes) No
Are you an only child? Yes (No)
Are you really into Anime (Japanese Animation) movies? (Yes) No
If you got married, would you change your name? (Yes) No
In high school, were you one of the "cool" kids? Yes (No)
Do you use foul language? Yes (No)
Do you typically know how much cash you have with you? (Yes) No
Do you keep a blog (online journal)? (Yes) No
Could you imagine yourself killing someone? Yes (No)
Do you believe in dinosaurs? (Yes) No
Do you say grace before meals? Yes (No)
Is it always wrong for the government to torture people? (Yes) No
Do you think extraterrestrials are watching us? (Yes) No
Have you ever punched someone in the face? [not counting when you were a little kid] Yes (No)
Do you think advanced primates, like chimps and apes, should be afforded some degree of "human" rights? (Yes) No
Do you know the square root of 256 off the top of your head? (Yes) No
Which was worse: slavery (the Holocaust)
Suppose you're driving, and you hit an animal. You don't know how badly it's hurt. Do you: (stop and look) keep going
For a pet, would you prefer: (one from the pound) one from a champion breeder
Have you ever been in an airplane? Yes (No)
Which would you rather lose: (the ability to reproduce) the ability to orgasm
Do you think bodily fluids are inherently gross? (Yes) No
Have you ever cybered (had cybersex)? Yes (No)
Are people inherently... (good) evil
Do you throw away pennies? Yes (No)
Will you teach your children to believe in Santa? (Yes) No
Is there a God? (Yes) No
Do you think reptiles are cool? (Yes) No
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? (Yes) No
Are some human lives worth more than others? Yes (No)
Overall, has capitalism made the world a better place? (Yes) No
Which would you rather master? art (science)
Star Trek...cool or uncool? (Cool) Uncool
If you had to be stuck in an elevator for 12 hours with someone, who of the following would you prefer: A stock broker (An artist)
Should prostitution be legal? Yes, absolutely (Yes, only if it were regulated) I don't think so ABSOLUTELY NOT
Gay marriage -- should it be legal? (Yes) No
Do you like to watch sports on television? Yes (No)
Have you ever killed an animal bigger than your thumb? Yes (No)
Do you think taxes are justified? (Yes) No
Do you believe that wealth in America is fairly distributed? Yes (No)
If you could triple your money by investing in a company whose business practices you disapproved of, would you invest? (Yes) No
Do you think Christians are persecuted in the U.S.? Yes (No)
Which would you rather lose? (the right to bear arms) the right to vote
Do you like sex toys? (Yes) No
Would you rather live in a country where YOUR religion was the OFFICIAL religion, or in a country where all religions were treated the same? I'd prefer my religion was the Official religion (I'd prefer all religions were treated the same)
Do you think humans have enough respect for the Earth's other species? Yes, too much Yes, about right (No)
How would you describe Microsoft Excel? Cool Pointless Tedious (Incompatible with Linux)
Cell phones: good or evil? (Good) Evil
Electric current is best described as: Channelled fire (A stream of electrons) A controlled, focused beam of light Polarized hydrogen atoms, moving in parallel
If you had to ban either sex or violence from TV and film, which would you choose? (sex) violence
Does fashion matter to you? A lot A little (Not at all)
Are your parents ugly??? Yes (No)
Are your birth parents divorced? (Yes) No They were never married!
Do you listen to conservative talk radio? Yes (No)
Do you read 12 or more books each year, beyond any required for school or work? Yes (No)
Which describes you better? Confrontational (Non-confrontational)
Would you rather give a nice gift or receive one? (Give) Receive
In nice restaurants, do you always put your napkin in your lap? (Yes) No
Could you do 25 pushups without stopping? (Yes) No
Do you like being in a car with someone else who's driving extremely fast? (Yes) No
Drinking and driving can be kind of cool. True (False)
Have you ever been arrested, even if just for a small crime or misdemeanor? Yes (No)
Do you see a doctor for a yearly check-up? Yes (No)
Have you ever skied, snowboarded, surfed, or wind-surfed? (Yes) No
STALE is to STEAL as 89475 is to... 89457 98547 89754 (89547)
When birds stand on power lines and don't get hurt, it's most likely because of: Good timing; they only land between calls Body materials that are insulated from current (Not touching anything else at the same time) They do get hurt; they just express it poorly
Did America really put a man on the moon? (Yes) No
Do you pay your bills in full and on time, every month? (Yes) No
Is it inappropriate for a high school teacher to date a former student who just graduated? Yes (No)
Most claims of sexual harrassment in the workplace are LIES made up by a scorned woman. True (False) I don't know
If stranded deep in the woods, 100 miles (160km) from human contact, with no food or supplies, do you really think you'd survive? (Yes) No
Do you know what the letters in "RAM" stand for, when referring to computers? (Yes) No
Who do you think was smartest on this list? (Einstein) Shakespeare Mozart Jesus
Do you have a favorite sports team, that you really like to follow? Yes (No)
If "some men are doctors" and "some doctors are tall", does it follow that "some men are tall"? Yes (No)
Do you enjoy fantasy books or movies? (The Lord of the Rings, for example) (Yes) No
Which is more appealing to you? A rollercoaster (A cab ride)
Think quick! (3.14159) 3.14195 3.14519 3.14591
Do you own an XBOX, PS2, Colecovision, or other console gaming system? (Yes) No
Do you know how to drive a stick shift (manual transmission)? Yes (No)
What's the highest level of education you've completed? (Note: you can also indicate this on your profile page) Graduate School College (High School) Junior High
Are you a virgin? (Yes) No
Would you rather live forever or die happy? Live forever (Die happy)
How good is your singing voice? Really awesome, actually (Very good) Okay Crappy
Based on its involvement in world affairs (past and present), do you think the United States deserves to get attacked by terrorists? Yes (No)
Do you like the taste of blood? (Yes) No
Which are you prouder of? (Your accomplishments) Your personality
Would you rather be famous and hated, or slip through the cracks? Famous and hated (Slip through the cracks)
Would you give the police significantly more power, if it would lower crime rates? Yes (No)
Would you cut off your own good hand, if you knew it would magically solve poverty in the world? Yes (No)
Which are you MORE of? (Talented) Hardworking
Which is closer to perfection? The male body (The female body)
What's a worse trait to have? (Greed) Laziness
Should suicide be legal for people in pain? (Yes) No
Would you prefer it if fashion models were the same size and bodytype as the average citizen? Yes (No)
Overall, do you think men should act more like women, or women should act more like men? Women need to learn to act like men. Men need to learn to act like women. (No one should change.) The premise of this question angers me.
Which is more important for a good match? (Having similar political beliefs) Having good sex
Would you rather be put in jail for life, with no hope of ever being released, or executed? (life sentence) death
Would you like to date someone a lot purer than you? (Yes) No
If possible, would you prefer to date someone a lot more attractive than you, or about the same? (A lot more attractive) About the same
Do you believe in the accuracy of horoscopes? (Yes) No
Would you consider dating someone a LOT more sexually experienced than you? (Yes) No
Are you annoyed by people who are super logical? Yes (No)
Would you prefer to date someone way dumber than you, or way smarter? (Way smarter) Way dumber
If you unscramble the letters in "laity", what do you get? (A country) A mountain A river A planet
Do you hit the snooze button more than once on a typical morning? Yes (No)
Goth chicks!!!! (Sexy) Lame I don't know
Do you like wild parties? Yes (No)
If you like someone a lot, do you usually ask them out? Yes (No)
Have you ever had a true one-night stand? (You met someone, had sex that night, and never contacted each other again.) Yes (No)
Does it typically take you a little while to get to know people, before you become "yourself" around them? (Yes) No
When you're around new people, are you more of a leader, or are you more cooperative? More of a leader (More cooperative)
Are you likely to make long, friendly conversation with strangers? Yes (No)
When fooling around with someone, do you sometimes have sexual fantasies about other people? Yes (No)
Would you donate one of your kidneys (assume you have 2) to save a child you didn't know? Yes (No)
Have you ever read Shakespeare, other than for a class? Yes (No)
If you found a nice watch in the back of a taxi, would you keep it? (Yes) No
How important is money/wealth for you in a match? Very important Somewhat important (Not important at all)
Do enjoy risk? Yes (No)
Do you tend to blow off your responsibilities? Yes (No)
Generally speaking, are you a worrier? (Yes) No
Do you try to draw attention to your body by wearing seductive clothing? Yes (No)
How confident are you in your sexual abilities? Super confident Confident (Not really confident)
Orgasms are clearly the most important part of sex. I agree. (I disagree.)
Would you consider having an open relationship, where you can see other people? (Yes) No
Should your mate also become your best friend? (Yes) No
How does having sex with someone usually affect your emotional attachment to them? I become more attached. I become less attached. (I told you. I'm a virgin.) It stays about the same.
If you saw someone shoplifting, would you turn them in? Yes (No)
If you're dating someone, and he or she unknowingly does something to upset you, how do you typically handle it? By reprimanding him/her (By ignoring it)
Have you ever met someone through an online matching service that costs money? Yes (No)
Would you ever date someone who's had cosmetic surgery? (Yes) No
Would you ever sleep with a porn star? (Yes) No
Do you usually wear cologne or perfume? Yes (No)
Do you (or would you) like to go hunting? Yes (No)
Without using a dictionary or other tool, can you choose the commonly misspelled word? Don't cheat! It's okay if you don't know. 1. separate (2. definate) 3. committee (Not sure / dumb question / who cares)
How does your maturity level compare with most people your age? (I'm more mature) I'm average I'm less mature
Do you like reggae music a lot? Yes (No)
Do you think angry or pornographic music lyrics should be kept, by law, away from kids? Yes (No)
Regardless of whether or not you smoke marijuana, do you think it should be legalized for adults? (Yes) No
Do you like stand-up comedy? (Yes) No
Do most politicians really want to make the world a better place? (Yes) No
Pick the word that you think least belongs: Toot (Racecar) Deed Paper
Have you performed any charity work in the last year? (We mean labor, not donating money) Yes (No)
Would you, or did you, go to your 10-year high school reunion? (Yes) No, but I wanted to No
Which do you like more? Be honest. Giving massages (Receiving massages)
Do you have a really good relationship with both your parents? Yes (No)
Do you think you have ESP at all? Yes (No)
Would you rather date someone extremely hot or extremely honest? Extremely hot (Extremely honest)
Would you be comfortable being poor for the rest of your life? (Yes) No
Would you let your kids watch as much t.v. as they wanted, as long as they said their homework was done? (Yes) No
Do you have any credit cards? Yes (No)
Which makes for a better first date? (Coffee and chit-chat) Drinks and groping
Do you know the first name of every person you've ever made out with? (Yes) No
If a person fantasizes about having sex with someone of their own gender, then they are homosexual. True (False)
You are more romantic than most people you know. True (False)
Would you be upset if you saw your boyfriend or girlfriend checking someone else out? Yes (No)
How kind are you? (More kind than most) Average Not so kind
Do you prefer a long-term commitment right now? (Yes) No
If you're dating someone, is it okay for your partner to kiss another person closed-mouth, on the lips, as a hello? Yes (No)
How much would you enjoy hosting a big, crazy party? A lot Not that much (Not at all)
When you're not in a serious relationship, what do you prefer? Dating multiple people at once Dating one person at a time (I only have serious relationships; I don't "date")
If someone wrongs you...do you exact revenge? Yes (No)
Which would you rather drive? A fast sports car An SUV (Something more environmentally friendly)
Would you pay a premium to buy something American-made? Yes (No)
Do you have any money invested in the stock market? Yes (No)
Do you like going to the movies alone? Yes (No)
Do you enjoy being photographed? (Yes) No
For a million dollars, would you end any relationship, no matter how good it was? (Assuming your mate didn't have that much money, of course.) Yes (No)
Is long hair on a guy inappropriate? Yes (No)
Is it cool for guys to wear earrings? (Sure; it's fine) No way
Given that celebrities are often role models to kids, do you think they have a moral obligation to act with that in mind? (Yes) No
If you suffered minor injuries in a car accident, would you exaggerate the damage if you knew it could make you a LOT of money from an insurance company? Yes (No)
If someone intentionally damaged your property, would you be more likely to call the police, or to fight them? Call the police (Fight them)
Do you typically send thank you cards to people, when they do you favors? Yes (No)
Is it easier to love or to hate? (Love) Hate
Can most babysitters be trusted with children? (Yes) No
Are you disgusted by the extremely obese? Yes (No)
If someone you barely knew asked you how many people you'd had sex with, would you answer? (Yes) No
Is there a such thing as having had too many sex partners? (Yes) No
Do you like to cuddle after sex? Yes No (I am a virgin...but probably) I am a virgin...and I doubt it
Is it okay for a girl to talk openly about her sexual exploits? (Yes) No
If you were in an extremely unhappy marriage, without children, would you get a divorce? (Yes) No
Is it okay for a guy to talk openly about his sexual exploits? (Yes) No
When hydrogen burns, what is created? Oxygen Carbon dioxide (Water) Don't know / don't care
What percent of drivers do you think would stop to offer assistance if they saw a car accident in a rural area? 75-100% 50-75% 25-50% (0-25%)
Would you cheat on your taxes, if you were absolutely 100% sure you could get away with it? Yes (No)
Are you very close to your family? Yes (No)
Would you sign a prenup? (Yes) No
Do you enjoy discussing politics? (Yes) No
Do you read the news most days? (Yes) No
Do you know what HTTP stands for, as in HTTP://www.okcupid.com? (Yes) No
If the price of an apple was raised 50% and then decreased 50%, making it cost $0.75, how much was the original price? ($1.00) $0.75 $1.25 $0.50
A "shooting star" is a star that... ...burned out, and collapsed ...collided with Earth's atmosphere ...got sucked into a black hole (...isn't really a star)
Have you ever been to a strip club? Yes (No)
Did mankind evolve from primates? (Yes) No Unsure
Is global warming a serious problem? (Yes) No I don't know
Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons? (Yes) No
Would you and your ideal match eventually feel comfortable farting around each other? (Yes) No
Have you ever blacked out from drunkenness? Yes (No)
If a woman burps out loud, that is... Cool (Uncool)
Do you pee in the shower? Yes (No)
Do you have a nervous habit, like biting your nails? (Yes) No
Do you enjoy watching movies with subtitles? (Yes) No
Do your parents have strong opinions about what kind of person you should marry? Yes (No)
Do you think people living in rural areas are more ignorant, on average, than city folks? Yes (No)
Do you think the media, in general, is too conservative, too liberal, or actually pretty impartial? Too conservative Too liberal (Impartial)
Are carbohydrates something you think about? Yes (No)
Do you like loud concerts? (Yes) No
Did you ever study Latin, Ancient Greek, or any other dead language, for at least a year? (Yes) No
Does music have a big influence on your life? Yes (No)
Do you own or ride a motorcycle? Yes (No)
If you had children, would it upset you to discover they were dumb, but nice? Yes (No)
Are you annoying? Yes (No)
If someone chooses to wait for marriage to have sex, that is... (...fine with me) ...ridiculous
Do you make your bed most days? Yes (No)
If you don't do anything at all for an entire day, how does that make you feel? Good (Bad)
Do you think most people who are happy in relationships are just lying to themselves? Yes (No)
Which typically comes first for you? Work (Play)
Do you think most people are lonely? (Yes) No
Do you think most people tell at least one lie most days? Yes (No)
Do you think most people give to charity? Yes (No)
If someone compliments you, aren't they usually trying to get something from you? (Yes) No
Do you think a straight man and a straight woman can truly just be friends? (Yes) No
Do you think the basic instinct to survive and reproduce fundamentally drives every decision a person makes? Yes (No)
Honestly, which has shaped the course of world events more, love or hate? Love (HATE)
Do you think any person is truly selfless? Yes (No)
As an adult, have you ever been single for more than a year straight? (Yes) No
Would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce? (Yes) No
Do most women look better with make-up on? Yes (No)
If a close friend doesn't call you for a week, do you start worrying that he hates you? Yes (No)
If someone new sent you a note on OkCupid, and you found their picture ugly, would you still reply? (Yes) No
Is it wrong for two adopted siblings to date each other? Yes (No)
What's sexier on a woman? (Extra high heels) Work boots
What's cooler? Clothes that are too tight (Clothes that are too loose)
In your ideal sexual encounter, do you take control, or do they? I take control (They take control)
If you dislike your food in a restaurant, do you typically send it back? Yes (No)
Can you tell the difference between very good wine and pretty good wine, just from the taste? Yes (No)
Do you imagine you're louder than average (for someone your gender) during sex? Yes, I'm louder (No)
Do you like logic puzzles? (Yes) No
Do you like word games like Scrabble or Boggle? (Yes) No
Do you enjoy crossword puzzles or jumbled word puzzles? (Yes) No
Do you know how to use a darkroom to develop negatives and prints? Yes (No)
Have you ever fully read a book over 1000 pages? (Yes) No
Do you have (or are you getting) a degree from one of the 8 ivy league universities, MIT, Stanford, Duke, U Chicago, or Caltech? Yes (No) My degree is not from the U.S.
Is it wrong to spank a child who's been bad? (Yes) No
Do you use an electronic organizer, like a Palm Pilot, Blackberry, or Pocket PC? Yes (No)
Do you wear a lot of black? (Yes) No
Which is longer? (A mile) A kilometer I don't know!
Does the idea of childbirth disgust you? (Yes) No
Does the "I'm waiting for marriage" type turn you on? Yes (No)
Can you throw a baseball far? Yes (No)
Could you swim a mile (1.6km)? (That's pretty far in the water...) Yes (No)
Do you have strong feelings about what kind of computer you use? (Apple, PC, or UNIX, for example) (Yes) No
Do you know and enjoy chess? (Yes) No
Is a welfare system a good idea? Or does taxing for it just take money away from hard-working people who earned it? (Welfare is mostly good) Welfare is mostly bad
Have you ever quit a job without giving at least a week notice? Yes (No)
Do you make impulse purchases a lot, like gadgets you don't need, or clothes that are too expensive? (Yes) No
Have you ever been fired from a job? Yes (No)
Serious relationships feel... (...Great!) ...Like jail
What would be more likely to bother you in a relationship? Not enough space (Not enough affection)
Do you own a record player? Yes (No)
When a relationship ends, what's the best thing to do? (Try and be friends with your ex) Go your separate ways
Could you date someone who used anti-depressants? (Yes) No
Could you date someone who was very overweight? Yes (No)
Have you smoked a cigarette in the last 6 months? Yes (No)
Do you like holding hands? (Yes) No
Do you like to wear a costume for Halloween? (Yes) No
Could you date someone who was really short? (Yes) No
If you flipped three pennies, what would be the odds that they all came out the same? I admit, I don't know! 1 in 3 1 in 4 (1 in 8)
Do you like to dance? Yes (No)
Have you ever dyed your hair a real crazy, unnatural color? Yes (No)
Do you play any musical instruments? Yes (No)
Is marriage a necessity for two people who love each other, and who have kids? Yes (No)
Could you tolerate living in a house with a lot of cockroaches? Yes (Absolutely NOT)
Would you rather play Scrabble, go out dancing, or get drunk? (Scrabble) Dancing Booze
Which is most important to you right now? (Love) Money Sex
Is it REALLY better to have loved and lost? Yes (No)
Which is worse: being too much of a dreamer or too cynical? too much of a dreamer (too cynical)
Videotaping your own sexcapades is... ...something I would try (or did try) (...something I would never try)
Roughly how many books have you read in the past year? (Less than five) Between five and fifteen Between sixteen and fifty Fifty or more
Would you date a transsexual? Yes (No)
Do you like punk rock? (Yes) No When I was younger
Do spelling mistakes annoy you? (Yes) No
Would you rather find "the one" the first time you date someone, or after many attempts? (The first time) Many attempts
Do you think you'll die lonely? Yes (No)
Is life good to you? (Yes) No
Do most tough life problems have a solution? (Yes) No
Can you name five current world leaders? Yes (No)
Have you ever played in a role playing game *other* than Dungeons and Dragons? (Yes) No Yes, but not since I was 16. Yes, but I've grown to despise them.
Do you judge people solely by their musical preferences? Yes (No)
Would you SERIOUSLY date someone now whom you knew you absolutely could not marry? (Yes) No
How many dates does it take for a potential significant other to get a good sense of who you are as a person? Less than five (More than five)
Do you feel that animals are more important than humans? Yes (No)
Which is more important to your life, passion or happiness? Passion (Happiness)
Can anything be made the subject of a joke? (Yes, anything can be funny in the right light.) No, some subjects should not be joked about.
Trust, once lost... ...is lost forever. (...can be rebuilt with time.)
Should freedom of speech allow the expression of all viewpoints, even extreme and widely-offensive ones? (Yes) No
Would you date someone who was looking for true love - but no sex, at all, ever? (Yes) No
Should evolution and creationism be taught side-by-side in public schools? (Yes, students should hear both sides) No, creationism has no place in public schools No, evolution has no place in public schools
If you could have brilliant skill at something, would you prefer: something practical? (something fun?)
Could your significant other hold diametrically opposite views on life as long as he/she was respectful of your own views? (Yes) No
If evil forces made you choose to either watch tv OR read books for the rest of your life, you would: watch tv (read books)
Would you have a sexual relationship with a friend even if you both knew you were romantically incompatible? Yes (No)
Have you ever attended -- or would you attend -- a Sci-Fi/Anime/etc convention? (Yes) No
Have you ever had sex in a place where there was a high risk of being caught? Yes No, but it sounds like fun (No, I don't think I could do it)
Is there ANY excuse to cheat on someone you're in a serious relationship with? Yes, there are some circumstances (No, never)
Politics: Should the US be forced to abide by the WOMD rules it sets for other countries? This includes biological, nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction that the US claims to have a right to have. (Yes) No Unsure / Don't Care
Has Christianity made the world better or worse? Better Worse (No opinion / Not sure)
Which do you prefer? The predictable (The unpredictable)
Are you fetish-friendly? (Bring out the toys!) Never tried it, but I'm open-minded. Not sure/don't know what they really are. Ew!
Do you think that people should be allowed to marry more than one person at a time? (Yes) No I don't know
Have you ever posed as a nude model while someone sketched/painted/photographed you? Yes No, but I'd like to. (No, and I would never do it.)
Do you think a girl with hairy underarms is necessarily unattractive? (Yes) No
Would you consider dating someone who had a very shady, questionable past? (Yes) No
You're getting ready for work and your lover wants to get frisky. Does this annoy you? Typically yes (Typically no)
Do you consider yourself a truly honest person, in all aspects of your life? (Yes) No
Do you believe in karma? (Yes) No
Would you be okay with your significant other spending a lot of time with one of his/her ex's (as a friend)? (Yes) No
Are you willing to sit with your mate and watch their favorite TV show with them, even if it's one that you can't stand? (Yes) No ONLY if they're willing to do the same for me
To you, is abortion an option in case of an unwanted accidental pregnancy? (Yes) No
Do you wish things like vampires, fairies, werewolves, ghosts, or something along those lines were real? (Yes) No
Is it wrong to cultivate/manufacture illegal drugs? Yes, always No, never (Sometimes)
What's more important? Safety (Freedom)
Would you date someone from another country? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Do you enjoy crude humor, dirty jokes, and the like? Yes, and I often try to push the boundaries! (Usually, yes.) Not in most cases, no. Absolutely not at all.
Do you prefer to pursue a potential partner, or for them to pursue you? I'd rather pursue. (I'd rather be pursued.) I prefer a little of both.
Do you cry more than twice a year? (Yes) No
Is it possible to have a true relationship, friend or otherwise, with someone you've never met in person? (Yes) No
Would you rather have your dream job or your soul mate for the rest of your life? Dream Job (Soul Mate)
Would you go out with a person who has a medical disorder that's not life threatening, but has to be thought of constantly? (e.g. Diabetes, Vision, etc.) (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Do you consider yourself to be good at clear verbal communication? Yes No (Sometimes)
Is "foreplay" necessary for good sex? (Yes) No
How many children would you ideally like to have? (none) 1-2 3-4 5 OR MORE
Would you date someone who is (or was) in a fraternity or sorority? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Do you believe in an afterlife/life after death/resurrection? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Are you a cat person or a dog person? (Cats) Dogs Both Neither
Do you usually wash your hands after using the restroom if there's no one else in it with you? Yes (No)
Do you know what a 'safeword' is, in a sexual context? (Yes) No
Do you live with your parent(s)? Yes (No)
Is your ideal sex rough or gentle? Rough Gentle I enjoy both equally (I'm a virgin)
Is sex a good way to solve disputes? Yes (No)
Would you prefer the lights on or off during sex? On (Off) It's exactly the same to me
How often do you get angry? Very often Sometimes (Rarely)
People who are convicted of morally heinous crimes (child molestors, for example) deserve to have bad things happen to them in prison. True False (Maybe / I don't know)
How frequently do you bathe/shower? At least once a day. (Usually daily. I skip some.) A couple times a week. Once a week or less.
Would you prefer to be a financial success or to remain true to your principles? Financial success, please. (I'll stick with my principles, thanks.)
Is it ever OK to tell your partner they aren't allowed to keep someone as their friend? Yes (No)
Are you smarter than most people? (Yes) No
Are you better looking than most people? Yes (No)
Do you think most people would prefer to be a lot more like you? (Yes) No
Do you feel that you're usually at least 1 step ahead of most people you talk to? Yes (No)
Are you naturally a lot better at games than most people? (Yes) No
Are you a genius? (Yes) No
Do you need to improve yourself? (Yes) No
Are you really good at understanding people quickly? (Yes) No
Do you like to drink lots of beer? Yes (No)
Would you date someone with a mental illness? Yes (Depends on the illness) Only if they're symptom free through treatment No
Does your partner have to be an active reader? Yes (No)
Have you ever had multiple romantic partners during the same time period? Yes, and they both knew. Yes, and I didn't tell at least one of them. (No.)
How often do you use profane language? (Never) Once in a while Often Almost always
Would you say your actions are guided more by your head or your heart? Head (Heart) Genitalia
Would you date someone who was already in a committed relationship with someone else? Yes, even in secret. Yes, but only if everybody knew. No, but I don't think it's inherently wrong. (No, it's wrong.)
A homeless person asks you for some change. You: (Ignore them completely) Refuse politely Threaten them or insult them Give them some loose change.
Would you ever consider cutting a partner (who asked for it) in sexual play? (Yes) Maybe No
Do you have rape fantasies? (Yes) No
Do you have a desire (even if it's secret) to take part in sexual activities involving bondage? (Yes) No Absolutely not.
Do you believe people, as a whole, are capable of ruling themselves, or is government of some kind needed? Anarchy; people can rule themselves (Government; someone needs to be in charge)
Have you ever been to prison? Yes (No) Just to visit / I was working
Are those who cannot / will not remember the past condemned to repeat it? Yes (Not necessarily)
Is taking care of your body important to you? Yes (No)
Sexually explicit art or song lyrics should be Embraced as an art form (Accepted as free expression) Censored to protect society
Are you married, engaged to be married, or in a relationship that you believe will lead to marriage? Yes (No)
While parking late at night, you accidentally scrape the side of an expensive car. No one has seen what happened, and the damage is minor and would not be covered by insurance. Would you leave a note? Yes, I would. (No, I wouldn't.)
Do you own any dice with more than six sides? (Yes) No
Are you more attracted to virgins? Yes No (I AM a virgin)
How patient are you generally with people you're close to? (Very patient) Somewhat Patient Not very patient Patience is overrated.
Could you sustain a serious relationship with someone who earns considerably less than you? (Yes) No
Do you like traveling? Yes (No)
Are you at all attracted to people who are less intellectually or professionally motivated than you? (Yes, sure) No
In a serious relationship, do you feel it's important to keep your significant other informed of the details of your day-to-day life? (Yes) No Some I don't do serious relationships.
Break-ups. Which has happened more? Usually I break up with them (Usually they break up with me) It's been equal on both sides.
Do you enjoy reading religious texts that do not match your own religious beliefs? (Yes) No
Are you more structured, or more spontaneous? Structured (Spontaneous)
Would you rather: (Lose in Style) Win Dishonorably
What is next in this series? 1, 4, 10, 19, 31, _ 36 48 (46) There is no apparent pattern
Do you spend money on a partner, buying gifts, paying for events and the like? (Yes, all the time, for just about any reason.) Sometimes, on special occasions. Only when absolutely necessary. No, not at all.
Do you like dogs? Would you consider owning a dog as a pet? Yes, I would love (or do own) a dog. (I'm not too into them, but I wouldn't mind one.) No, I dislike dogs. I like them, but I'm allergic.
Which of these is the most important in a boyfriend/girlfriend? (Someone for whom you would do anything.) Someone who turns you on. Someone you feel like you've known forever. Someone with goals similar to yours.
Do you own any shiny or form fitting clothing? Yes (No)
Writing as a profession is...? A most admirable profession For lazy people (No better or worse than any other)
Watching cartoons as an adult is...? Pathetic (Cool) - I don't care either way / Not sure
Should frontal nudity be allowed on non-pay television? (Yes) No Only during certain hours
Should you _have_ to know about your partner's previous sexual exploits? (Yes, because it reflects on them as a person.) No, the past is the past.
How wise do you think you are at this stage? I am wise about most things in life I am wise about a few things (Some wisdom, but I don't feel wise) I don't have much wisdom yet
A few long, slow, deep kisses or lots of sweet little kisses? (Long, slow) Sweet Little Ugh! Kissing!
Is it okay for you to be irrational in making important life decisions? (Yes) No
Have you experienced mental illness? Yes - severely Yes - low grade (No) I'm not sure
Do you feel like you're still hurting from something that happened to you a long time ago? Yes (No)
Do you understand quantum physics? (Yes / Some) No
Do you own your own country's flag? Yes (No)
What size party would you prefer to attend? (Just a few close friends.) 5-20 people. 20-100 people. More than 100 people.
As a personality, are you more passive or more active? (More passive) More active Exactly balanced
Do you routinely find yourself picking up on the logical fallacies in things people say? (Yes) No
It is more worthwhile and satisfying to: (Improve the world.) Appreciate the world.
Are geeks sexy? (Yes) No
Would you take your top off while dancing in a nightclub? (If you're a girl, assume you have a bikini top or bra on underneath) Yes (No)
Do you consider something candle-lit (dinner, bed, whatever) to be more romantic, or more tacky ? (More romantic) More tacky Not sure
Do you think that women should be allowed in the army? (Yes) No
Would you ever engage in a sexual activity you didn't enjoy, just because your partner did? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Have you ever had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex? Yes, and I enjoyed myself. Yes, and I did not enjoy myself. (No, and I would never.) No, but I would like to.
Do you think that smarter people are usually capable of deeper love? Yes No (Not sure)
Would you wear your partner's underclothing if they wanted you to? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Are you going to run away as soon as it is commitment time? Yes (No)
Do you consider yourself sexually open minded? (Yes) No
Would you leave an otherwise perfect relationship if you found out your partner was interested in children sexually? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Do you enjoy being naked? (Yes) No
Jealousy - healthy or unhealthy, in the context of a relationship? Healthy (Unhealthy)
Do you care about other people's suffering? Yes, solidarity is important No, everyone has their own responsibility (It depends on the kind of suffering)
Would you be willing to pay for good sex? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Do you snore? Yes No (I don't know / Maybe once in a while)
Do you enjoy outdoor activites such as camping, hiking or fishing? (Yes) No
Do you consider yourself an artist of any kind? (Music, painting, poetry, etc. all count.) Yes (No)
What style in clothes would you wear most of the time, if you could? (Loose and comfortable) Tight and sexy Clean and formal
Do you believe reason is more important than emotions in solving problems? (Yes) No
When looking for a mate, do you feel that it's the other person's job to prove himself or herself to you? Yes (No)
Which comes first, family or friends? Family (Friends)
Which would you rather choose: peace on earth or loads of money? (Peace on Earth) Loads of Money
Are you quick to trust until proven wrong or more slow to trust until worth is proven? (Quick to trust, until proven wrong.) Slow to trust, until worth is proven. I don't know.
Do you get depressed much? Almost never, I'm happy! (Sometimes, when it's a bad day) Yeah, despair is my life
Would you shave something you usually don't because your boyfriend/girlfriend asked you to? (Yes) No
Do you like cats? Would you consider owning a cat as a pet? (Yes, I would love (or do own) a cat.) I'm not too into them, but I wouldn't mind one. No, I dislike cats. I like them, but I'm allergic.
Have you shaved your head anytime in the last 5 years? Yes (No)
Would you consider sleeping with someone on a first date? (Yes) No
Is your life an extreme, or somewhere in the middle? Extreme (Somewhere in the middle)
Would you be willing to date a person who had genital herpes? Yes (No)
Which do you cause more of? Order (Chaos)
Do you wear deoderant/antiperspirant? Usually
You're shopping for something and have three versions to choose from. Which do you pick? The one with the most style. The one with the most features. (The one with the lowest price.)
Do you think you could still be genuinely happy if you weren't in a relationship with anyone? (Yes) No
Which of the following best describes your typical demeanor? (Cheerful! I have a positive outlook.) Meh. I have my ups and downs. Annoyed. The world sucks.
How shy would you say you are? (Very shy) Kind of shy Not really shy Not at all shy
Do you believe all (or most) of your problems relate to an event that happened when you were a child? Yes (No) Well, some of them
Do you enjoy Rap/Hip-Hop? Yes (No) Some
Would you rather: be beautiful? (or create beautiful things?)
Can two completely opposite statements both be true? (Yes) No
Is art important to you? Yes (No)
Do you think that western medicine is better than alternative medicine (such as chiropractic, massage, naturopathy, herbology)? Yes (No, they are both valid.) No, Western medicine is too invasive I don't know
Have you ever served or are you serving in your country's military? Yes No, but I would consider it (No, I haven't)
Other than for costumes, do you purchase and wear second hand/vintage clothes? Yes (No)
What percent of the population is NOT physically attractive enough for your taste? 0-25% (few) are not attractive enough (25-50% (some) are not attractive enough) 50-75% (many) are not attractive enough 75-100% (most) are not attractive enough
Do you know what the golden spiral is? (Yes) No
Could you have a serious relationship with someone who already has children from a previous relationship? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Do you know your mass in kilograms? Yes No (I think so / I could figure it out)
What makes a better friend? Quick wit and a mischievous smile (Compassionate nature and a shoulder to support you)
How should people spell "women"? (Women) Womyn, or other feminist spelling revisions I don't care either way
What do you think of the prospect of having sexual intercourse while wearing some type of costume(fur-suit, sci-fi costume, clown suit, whatever). (Yes way) No way
Have you ever changed a baby's dirty diaper? Yes No Not yet, but I'm looking forward to it (No way! Gross!)
Is it okay to recycle other people's jokes and use them as your own? Yes (No)
Would you consider dating someone who was regularly seeing a therapist? (Yes) No
Have you ever broken up with someone without being face-to-face? Yes, I wrote them a letter. Yes, I did it over the phone. Yes, I did it online. (No.)
Does spending Friday or Saturday night at home annoy you? Yes (No)
Do you have a car? Yes (No)
Do you find it disturbing that products are still tested on animals? Yes (No)
Are military uniforms a turn on? Yes (No) I wear one to work
Would you date someone with a noticable physical disability, such as someone who uses a wheelchair? (Yes) No
Is it really okay for a man to cry or does it make him look like a pussy? (Yes, it's okay.) No, it's wrong.
A friend of yours often complains that they can never get a date. This friend also has obvious social flaws. Should you be straight with them? (Yes) No
Monty Python fans who recite lines back at the TV screen. Annoying or not? Yes (No) Depends on the fan This question is stupid
Are you happy with your life? Yes No (Most of the time)
Are you scared of commitment? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Trying anything at least once is.. (A good idea.) Not for me.
Have you ever modified your pubic hair? Yes (No)
Would you date someone who still lives with his/her parents? (Yes) No
Sharing a toothbrush with your partner is... Utterly disgusting! (Okay, sometimes...) A sign of closeness
Does the fact that you have never done something before, USUALLY increase or decrease its appeal? (Increase) Decrease
Have you ever been suicidal? Yes (No)
Would you consider a relationship with someone who was sterile? (Yes) No
Do you like old black-and-white movies? (Yes, they're great!) No, they're boring! I don't know/I haven't seen any
Have you ever failed a charisma check? (Yes) No Yes, with a natural 20.
You flush the toilet... (Always) Just sometimes
Where did you graduate in your high school class? Top 5% (Top 20%) Top Half Bottom Half
Are some of your best friends people you met or know online? (Yes) No
If you dropped a piece of solid food on the floor, might you pick it up and eat it? (Yes) No
Do you enjoy chatting on the phone with your friends? (Yes) No
If you're wrong, do you have a hard time apologizing? Yes (No)
How would you describe your emotional diversity? (I get extremely happy but rarely depressed) I get extremely depressed and I'm rarely happy I don't feel much of either I feel both often
Do you have the kind of body that's so hot it turns heads? Yes (No)
Are you good at explaining things? Yes (No)
Were you born in the United States? (Yes) No
Have you ever been so happy that you cried? (Yes) No
Can you draw well? Yes, very well Not at all (I'm not bad)
Were you born the same gender as you are now? (Yes) No
How energetic are you? Hyper (Fairly active) Occasionally active Sedentary
Should sex education be given to children under 15? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
T.S. Eliot was the author of which poetic composition? "Howl" "The Waste Land" ("Spring And All") "The Learn'd Astronomer"
You see a police officer. How do you feel? Safe (Nervous)
Do overweight people annoy you? Yes (No)
Do you have an addictive personality? Yes (No)
How often do you send greeting cards for holidays and birthdays? Always Sometimes (Never)
Do you usually blurt things out, or do you think carefully before speaking? (Blurt it out) Think carefully
Are you a snob about some things? Yes (No)
You're in a serious relationship and your partner wants to know about your past relationships. The details are... ...none of their business (...absolutely their business)
Are you absent-minded? (Very) A bit No
Do you laugh when somebody trips and falls? Yes, almost always (No, almost never) Occasionally
Would you date someone who is bisexual? (Yes) No
Do you believe in miracles? (Yes) No
How would you describe your body? (Slender) Average Athletic Voluptuous
Have you ever had an undeniably supernatural experience? Yes (No)
Your partner wants to keep a small, shaved monkey as a pet because it's funny looking. Cool (Bad idea, but it's up to them) No way
Do you have a problem with authority? (Yes) No
Which is worse? (Rejection) Commitment
Which do you tend to be more of? The manipulated The manipulator (Neither)
Would you have sex with someone you hated? Yes (No)
Do you think tanned skin is attractive? Yes / Usually (No / Not usually) It makes no difference
Might you laugh at someone who asked you out, if you were not interested? Yes (No)
Do you think men who are sitting down should stand up when a woman comes to the table/enters the room? Yes / Usually (No / Not usually)
Could you date someone with a learning disability of any kind? (Yes) No
Have you ever turned down a date, for any reason? Yes (No)
If I saw someone checking my boyfriend/girlfriend out, I'd feel more: flattered / proud (protective / concerned) unchanged
Could you date a person who had a large imperfection (ex: mole, birthmark, etc.)? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Do you think most human instincts can be attributed to evolution? (Yes) No
What is the first definition for the word "composition" that comes to mind? (The makeup of a mixture of ingredients) A piece of music A piece of writing An arrangement of visual elements
Do you talk to and or have conversations with yourself, either outloud or in your head? Yes, outloud (Yes, in my head) Yes, both No, neither
Were you a child prodigy? (Yes) No
Could you date someone that constantly wears a mask or helmet? (Yes) No
Could you live without the Internet? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Do you believe in the term "meant to be"? As in fate or destiny with another person? (Yes) No
Do you believe that some people can see a person's soul, just by staring into their eyes for a few moments? (Yes) No
Homeschooling is... Something I would do for my kids Bad (Something I would consider)
Could you date someone who was missing a breast or testicle? (Yes) No
Do you have freckles? (Yes) No
Are you bitter? Yes (No)
Do you feel Art has heavily influenced who you are? (Yes) No
Once you realize that something will be almost impossible to attain, does it become MORE or LESS attractive to you? More (Less) No effect / I'm not sure
Do the material goods a person has amassed indicate how important they are? Yes (No)
Are you afraid of death? (Yes) No
Are you more likely to hold a grudge or forgive someone? Hold a grudge (Forgive)
Would you prefer to live in an old house with character and history or a brand spanking new one? Old (New)
Do you practice or believe in real magick, not to be confused with stage magic and parlor tricks? (Yes) No
Are you quietly angry a lot of the time? Yes (No)
Do you find intelligence even sexier than looks? (Yes) No
How much do you procrastinate? Lots (Some) Not so much Never
Which best describes your personal feelings about sports? Sports are a very important part of my life. I play or watch sports often. I play or watch sports occasionally. (I don't watch or play sports.)
At this point, are you physically able to have children? (Yes / I think so) No
Someone who doesn't find you attractive is... Non-existent In the minority (Not a huge surprise, I guess) Sober
Have you ever attended a political demonstration or convention? Yes (No)
If two cars were faced away from each other back to back, both cars travelled 8 miles forward then made a 90 degree left turn and traveled another 6 miles, how far apart would they be? Right next to each other. 48km (32km) I'm not sure / Hey, there's no SKIP button
Not ideally, but realistically, do you flock to the "bad" boys/girls? Yes (No)
When talking to somebody, do you touch them a lot? Yes / I'm extra touchy (No / not more than most people)
Do you believe that dreams can be messages from a "higher level"? (Yes) No
You are offered a choice of free training in Martial Arts or Cooking. Which do you take? Martial Arts (Cooking)
Which is the classic example of existentialism, according to Albert Camus? Perseus Odysseus (Sisyphus) Hercules
Would you enjoy a night in playing video games? (Yes) No
Do you wish you were... Shorter? Taller? (I'm fine the way I am.)
Are you fascinated with all things dark and macabre? (Yes) No I used to be...
Are "trendy" and "hip" insults to you? (Yes) No
When you get home, do you usually want to tell someone about your day? (Yes) No
Homemade/handmade gifts are more... (Thoughtful in a good way) Cheap in a bad way
Do you enjoy reading and/or watching Shakespearean plays? (Yes) No / Not really / Only for school
Has anyone ever written you a romantic poem? Yes (No)
Is VERY short hair on a girl necessarily unattractive? Yes (No)
If someone sends you an e-mail (or has a profile) full of spelling and grammatical errors, are you less likely to talk to them? (Yes) No
I talk _____. Too much. I can't shut up. A lot (Only when there's something important to say.) When spoken to.
Which one of these would you date first? A Famous Pro-Athlete A Famous Rock Star (A Famous Writer) A Succesful Billionare
Would you rather a partner who: Says I love you, but doesn't seem to show it. (Shows they love you, but never says it.)
What's most important to you, usually? Impressing people (Feeling good) Just making it through the day
Would it be useful and ethical to clone the best and brightest of our species, for the common good? (Assuming we can get the success rate pretty high.) Yes (No)
Which of these is wrong? The cat's out of the bag. The cat's feet are out of the bag. (All the cat's are out of the bag.) None of them! They're all correct!
Fast food is: (Great!) Ok Disgusting
Do you tend to be attracted to people who remind you of old loves? Yes No (I've never loved)
Are politics interesting? Yes No (Sometimes)
Which is better: sex without sleeping together or sleeping together without sex? Sex (Sleeping together)
Could you date someone with abnormal amounts of body hair? (Yes) No I don't know
Do you have any gay, bisexual, or transgendered friends? (Yes) No
Do you think the government has the right to regulate the ownership and use of weapons? (Yes) Only in extreme cases No I'm not sure
What is the worst personality trait someone can have? (Arrogance) Being boring Immaturity No sense of humour
Who has the more honorable profession: a teacher who cultivates young minds or a soldier who defends your country? (Teacher) Soldier
Have you ever fantasized about something bad happening to someone you know just so you could save them and be seen as a hero/heroine? Yes (No)
Were you in love with the first person you ever slept with? Yes No (I'm a virgin)
Can you think of someone that you truly hate, not just severely dislike? Yes (No)
Do you condone free file sharing - even if it violates copyright policies? (Yes) No
Do you take pills when you have a headache? (Yes) No
Are you at all bothered by girls who wear guys clothes? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Should law enforcement be allowed to lie to suspects during interrogation? Yes (No)
Are you racist? Yes (No)
Would you date someone who had a serious drug addiction in the distant past? (Yes) No
If you want to get to the top of the stairs sooner, do you: (Skip steps) Go faster without skipping
Which are you closer to being? (A hippie) A yuppie
Have you ever been in love? Yes (No)
How do you feel about internet sex, also known as "cybering"? It arouses me very much. (I don't have an opinion.) I think it's stupid.
Would dealing face to face with someone with an impediment (nervous facial tic, bad stutter) make you uncomfortable or frustrated? Yes (No)
Should gay marriage be treated equally by law as straight marriage? (Yes) No
How many hours a day do you prefer to sleep? Around 8 hours (A lot less than 8 hours) More than 8 hours
Do you ever use the word 'slut' to refer to a girl? Yes (No)
Would you rather stay in an unhealthy relationship, or be single? stay (be single)
Would you ever change your religion (or adopt one) because your significant other wanted you to? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Do you think it's okay for males to wear makeup? Yes (No)
If you knew for sure you would not get caught, would you commit murder for ANY reason? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Would you rather work for your money or have it given to you? Work for it. (Thanks, Uncle Trump.)
Have you ever lied to a person over the internet about your looks, sex, or age? Yes (No)
On average, which best describes how often you GET DRUNK? Twice a week or more Weekly / Bi-Weekly Once every month or three. (Seldom or never.)
If I *had* to choose, for the rest of my life I would rather... travel around the world but always be filthy poor. (stay in one city/town, but always be filthy rich.)
Which is more in need of attention? The current economy of your country. (The longterm protection of environment/resources.)
Should the government financially support those who are unable to provide for themselves? Yes No (Depends on the support)
Do you think the family of a murder victim should have any say in what punishment is given to the murderer? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Would you date someone who worked a minimum wage job? (Yes) No
Do you believe that people who are extremely mentally ill should be forced to take their medication? Yes, sometimes No, never (I don't know)
Do you think the public should have access to any literature, regardless of its content? (Yes) No; some things should be censored
Do you condone speeding and/or racing on public roads (in a car or motorcycle)? (Yes) Yes, but only in certain situations No I don't know
Are you afraid of death? (Yes) No
If you could save the life of an obscure endangered creature, or make a muli-million dollar profit, which would you choose? Endangered creature (Money)
Impovisational theatre I improvise! I like to watch (I can take it or leave it) Please, no
Would you ever date someone who depended on their parents' money? (Yes) No
Would you ever film a sexual encounter without your partner knowing? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Have you ever initiated contact with a friend who you hadn't talked to in over a year just to see how they are doing? (Yes) No
If you could have one but NOT the other, would you rather: Love someone (Be loved by someone)
Would you make a large financial sacrifice to help a friend in desperate need, knowing you would never be repaid? (Yes, absolutely) Yes, but it would affect the friendship
Would you ever date someone who worked at a high-risk job? (Law Enforcement, Fire Dept, etc.) (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Would you date someone who had an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), such as hair pulling, excessive counting, excessive hand washing, etc. (Yes) No I'm not sure
Have you ever considered suicide? Yes (No)
Would you be excited to ride the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster? Yes (No)
Someone you like is drunkenly flirting with you. You know that with a sober mind this person would never engage in casual sex, but now it seems that they're willing. What do you do? Take advantage of the situation (Absolutely nothing)
Would a partner with big hands and feet (bigger than average) turn you off? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Should it be socially acceptable for women have the choice/right to be topless in any area where it is ok for men to be topless? (Yes) No
Are you too lazy to go to the kitchen and make some real food? Yes (No)
"Wherefore art thou Romeo!" What does "wherefore" mean in this context? (Why) Where How Who cares / Don't know
Are you currently employed? Yes, I have a fulltime job No (Part time) I'm a student
Should the government censor publicly broadcast television and radio shows for profane language? Yes (No)
Are you particularly respectful of views that you disagree with? (Yes) No
Do you enjoy learning about other cultures? (Yes) No
Have you ever dated someone from another country? Yes (No)
Is it good when a country spends billions of dollars on a space probe? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Would you ever date or mess around with a good friend's ex? (Yes, why not?) No Yes, but only with my friend's permission
Do you masturbate? (Yes) No
Overall, what is a more valuable and worthy goal for society? (Liberty) Equality
Which is more influential to whom people become? Genetics (nature) (Environment (nurture))
Are you comfortable with your sexual preference? (Yes) No
How much does the sound of a person's voice affect their attractiveness to you? A lot (A little) Not at all
Do you have a fetish that you would like to employ in your next relationship? (Yes, and you can find out more on my profile) Yes, but I'm not saying it out in the open Not really / Not sure No
Do you like to go to museums? Yes, a lot (Yes, a little) No
Would you date someone with a facial piercing? (Yes) No
Do you have a photographic memory? (Yes) No
Manners are: (Important) Not very important I fart on this question
Do you enjoy watching B movies or so called cult classics? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Are you currently on the direct path towards the job you want in ten years time? Yes, I believe so (No, not yet / temporarily sidetracked) I already have that job I don't plan to work in ten years
If you worked for OkCupid, would you look at the answers submitted by people you knew? Yes (No)
Love without pain is like food without flavor. True (False)
Is your car important to you? Yes No (Not applicable)
Which would do more to improve the world? (Fewer stupid people) Fewer ugly people This question upsets me
If you're stranded on an island, with absolutely no food, and your companion dies, would you eat them to survive? Assume you have fire for cooking. Yes (No)
Would you rather have a great friend you could share everything with or a great lover you can't really talk to? (Friend) Lover
Are tears arousing? Yes (No)
Would you date somebody who was a virgin at the age of 25? (Yes, definitely) Only if they were willing to give it up No
Have you ever changed a diaper? Yes (No, and I wouldn't) No, but I would
Have you ever stood someone up on a date? (not shown up at the arranged time and didn't call to cancel ahead of time) Yes (No)
Which is more desirable in a mate: a)Someone who rarely makes mistakes but never apologizes when they are in the wrong, or b)Someone who makes mistakes often, but is always willing to admit it when they see they are at fault. a (b)
Would you date someone who has never been in any kind of relationship before? (Yes) No
If Heaven and Hell really existed, to which do you think you'd be assigned? (Heaven) Hell
Who would you lie to first.. A Friend (A Parent) A Sibling
Would you ever date an attractive, talented, homeless person? (Yes) No
Biting? No (Yes) Let's break skin
"It's not that i'm lazy, it's that i just don't care." Does this statement apply to you? (Yes) No
Could you date a stripper? (Yes) No
Not as in whips and chains, but do you perfer your partner to be... (Dominant) Submissive Balanced
Would you risk your life to protest against an unjust government? Yes (No)
How well do you handle criticism? (Really well) Not that well Not at all
Would you date someone if you knew they were a current drug user? (No) Yes, but only marijuana or other Yes
Do you believe that because a person is overweight that it is because they are weak and without self control? Yes / Usually (No) I'm Not Sure
Do you find it easy to talk to members of the opposite sex? (Yes, almost always) No, often not
Were you born on a Zodiac cusp? In other words, do you have two alternating Zodiac signs? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
I accept other people's quirks: (Enthusiastically) Readily Grudgingly Not at all
Do you believe in the healing power of laughter? (Yes) No
Do you snort when you laugh? Yes / sometimes (No / never)
Would you describe yourself as sexy? Yes (No)
How willing would you be to date someone who's BLACK (of African descent)? Please note this question is part of a series. Totally willing Hesitant, but would consider (Not at all interested)
How willing would you be to date someone who's WHITE (caucasian)? Please note this question is part of a series. (Totally willing) Hesitant, but willing Not at all interested
How willing would you be to date someone who's ASIAN? Please note this question is part of a series. (Totally willing) Hesitant, but willing Not at all interested
How willing would you be to date someone who's INDIAN? Please note this question is part of a series. Totally willing (Hesitant, but willing) Not at all interested
How willing would you be to date someone who's HISPANIC/LATIN? Please note this question is part of a series. (Totally willing) Hesitant, but willing Not at all interested
How willing would you be to date someone who's MIDDLE EASTERN? Please note this question is part of a series. Totally willing (Hesitant, but willing) Not at all interested
How willing would you be to date someone who's NATIVE AMERICAN? Please note this question is part of a series. (Totally willing) Hesitant, but willing Not at all interested
How willing would you be to date someone who's a PACIFIC ISLANDER? Please note this question is part of a series. (Totally willing) Hesitant, but willing Not at all interested
Have you made fun of anyone recently, knowing that it probably upset them? Yes (No)
Can a person be too cheerful? Yes (No)
Would you consider dating a divorced person? (Yes, definitely) I'd prefer not Definitely no
Would you consider dating someone with an extra finger, or a physical defect? (Yes) No
Would you wait for someone you loved, who was framed and wrongly put into jail for 14 years? (Yes) No
Would you date someone who followed a pagan (nature based) religion? (Yes) No
Do people often compliment your looks? Yes (No)
At lunch you spill a little something on your shirt/blouse. Later, a co-worker points it out. What best describes how you feel? Embarrased Annoyed at yourself Annoyed at your co-worker (Indifferent)
Would you risk your life to save a dying animal? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Do you ever find someone who is the total opposite of your "type" very attractive? (Yes) No
Does it bother you when people start sentences with, "There are two types of people in this world..." ? Yes (No)
How often do you go into online chat rooms? (Often / at least once a week) Once in a while Never / rarely
The fastest way to piss me off is to... disagree with a strong opinion of mine (ignore me) interrupt me indicate you dislike my friends
The best way to get me to let you get closer to me physically is to... help me understand your personality. make me feel safe around you. make me laugh. (take the initiative and ask confidently.)
How often should your significant other buy you gifts, jewelry, or other things more expensive than, say, dinner, cards, or flowers? Very frequently. From time to time. (On special occasions (birthdays, Christmas, etc.).) Never.
If you were forced to betray one of the following, which one would you choose? Your friends Your family Your lover/love (Your Country)
Do you ever drink alcohol in order to lower your inhibitions with the opposite sex? Yes (No)
Do you, or have you ever, read a text book or technical manual for fun/pleasure? (Yes) No
Might you rescue a spider stuck in your bath if you were about to turn the tap on? Yes (No)
Do you try to eat healthy, or do you just eat whatever you feel like? Healthy (Give me the junk food)
Might you consider dating someone who confided to you that he/she had a sexually transmitted disease? Yes (No)
Do you enjoy exercise? (Yes) No
Would you appear on a reality TV show, if you were not getting paid? Yes (No)
Do you think that learning the history of countries/civilizations other than your own is useless, irrelevant, or a waste of time? Yes (No)
Can you name 5 directors and a film that each made, from before 1980? Yes (No)
Would you prefer: 1-week trip in 5-star hotels and restaurants (3-week trip in 3-star hotels and restaurants)
Would you rather have: (A thoughtful and personal gift) A cash gift of twice the value
Ideally, how often would you have sex? (Every day) 3 to 4 times per week 1 to 2 times per week less than once per week
Half of all policemen are thieves and half of all policemen are murderers. Does it follow logically that all policemen are criminals? Yes (No)
Would you inform law enforcement agencies about a friend committing a serious crime? Yes Maybe (No)
How many porn stars can you name off the top of your head? None (Fewer than five) More than five A LOT more than five
When in a relationship, do you like to write your own poems for your boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes (No)
Do you have a nice ass? Yes (It's average) It needs work
Do you ever spit on the ground, in public? Yes (No)
When you don't know a word, do you look up its definition? (Yes) No
Would you make a fool out of yourself in public if it meant you were making your partner laugh? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Do you have a current passport? Yes (No)
Would you date an atheist? (Yes) No
Have you ever told someone that you loved them when you didn't? Yes (No)
Do you talk about your sex life with either of your parents? Yes (No)
Do people that you've dated/tried to date ever tell you that you're just too "nice"? Yes (No)
Can you run over three miles without stoppings? Yes (No)
Might you consider dating a computer geek? (Yes) No
A photographer approaches you on the street and asks to take your picture. What do you do? (Pose for them) Politely refuse
Might you consider dating someone who's had a gender change? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Do you iron your own clothes? Yes (No)
Do you have a thing for foreign accents? Yes (No)
Have you ever been outside of your own country? (Yes) No
Would you like to live abroad for a long period of time (2+ years)? Yes (No)
Do you think that someone's choice of footwear can really say alot about them? (Yes) No
Would you need to sleep with someone before you considered marrying them? Yes (No)
How often do you brush your teeth? Twice or more a day (Once a day) Days when I feel like it Rarely / never
It's Friday night, 7 PM, and you have no plans for the evening. Which of these are you most likely to do? Stay at home and read a book. Watch some TV, or go see a movie alone. Go to a club or bar, and maybe meet someone new. (Call some friends, and find SOMEONE to hang with.)
Anyone can be socially successful, if only they're willing to try. (True) False
Would your parents prefer you to date someone within your own race? Yes (No)
Would you rather see in black and white for the rest of your life or be blind? (Black and white) Blind
How often do you smoke cigarettes? At least one cigarette a day Once in a while / only when drinking / rarely (Never)
You think I'm attractive and you notice my fly is undone. Do you tell me? (Yes) No
If a government were brutally opressing you, what would you do? Organize peaceful resistance Join the opressive government (Move/escape away to a benign power) Break out the .50 sniper rounds
Are your decisions generally more pro-active or reactive? (Pro-active) Reactive
Would you ever consider dating a Catholic? (Yes) Hesistant, but willing No Only if he/she was non-practicing
Would you ever consider dating a Buddhist? (Yes) Hesistant, but willing No Only if he/she was non-practicing
What would you think of a law that made smoking illegal in bars and restaurants? (I'd support the law) I'd oppose the law
If you accidently hit a parked car while driving, would you leave a note with your contact information? Yes (No)
Would you date someone who has served considerable time in prison? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Would you date a single parent? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Which phrase best describes your attitude towards relationships? "Commitment is... (...wonderful!") ...okay, but right now I want to be open." ...something I both fear and desire." ...a dish best served cold."
Do you normally treat other people as you'd like to be treated? (Yes) No Maybe / not sure
Do you kiss on the first date? (Under the right circumstance, Yes) Never Always
Do you own a dictionary? Yes (No)
Are you annoyed by tardiness? (Yes) No I'm the one who's always running late.
How big is your porn collection? (Small) Medium LARGE I don't have one
Would you ever consider being a vegetarian or a vegan? I am one! (No way!) I'd consider it. I'm partially there already.
How do you feel about foreskins? I hate them I like them (I'm indifferent)
When you ride an (uncrowded) escalator, do you... (Take steps up) Enjoy the ride I'm afraid of escalators
Do you subscribe to/believe in the philosophies of Ayn Rand? Yes Absolutely not (I don't care about her philosophies) I don't know what you're talking about
How fast do you walk? (I walk quickly.) I'm in the middle. I walk slowly.
Hypothetically, do you think you would be good at being a porn star? Yes (No) I am a porn star.
How important is art in your daily life? Very Important Somewhat Important (Not Important) I don't care
Would you ever consider setting up someone you're dating, in order to test his/her fidelity? Yes (No)
Do you go to LAN parties? (Yes) No What's a "LAN party"?
Can you be trusted with a long-term project and no one watching you? (Yes) No Maybe!
Anyone can be financially successful, if only they're willing to try. (True) False
Would you date someone shorter than you? (Yes) No
Do you bite your toenails? Yes (No)
Parlez-vous le français? Yes (No) what? oui je fais
Agree or disagree: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (or the one)." Agree (Disagree)
Have you ever dumped your significant other for someone more attractive? Yes (No)
Would you ever ask your parent(s) for love advice? Yes (No)
If you were to fall in love with someone who had a child, do you think you would be willing to love the child as your own? (Yes) No
Do you only date people with athletic and toned bodies? Yes (No)
Do you have a recording of yourself singing? Yes (No)
Overhearing a sexual encounter would make you feel... Aroused Annoyed (Lonely) Indifferent
Have you ever camped out overnight more than a mile from civilization? Yes, and I loved it Yes, and I hated it. (I've never tried it, but I'd like to.) No camping, ever! I prefer civilization, thanks.
Do you think people of mixed racial backgrounds are attractive? Yes, on average more attractive No, on average less attractive (The same, on average)
Say you're walking down a quiet street in a small town, theres only one other person on the street and theyre walking towards you. Would you normally say hello? Yes (No)
Would you walk up to a stranger and tell them you think they're beautiful? Yes / probably (No / probably not)
Feeling Smart ? If you turn a left-handed glove inside out it fits... On my left hand (On my right hand) I don't know
How do you feel about baseball? It's my life (I can take it or leave it) I think it's dumb
Would you date someone significantly (9 years or over) older than you? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Did you join this site just so you could find people to have sex with? Yes (No)
Would you rather be nearly drowned or nearly saved? (Nearly Drowned) Nearly Saved
Can you read sheet music? Yes (No)
Would you enjoy being tied up and having your lover write poetry on your naked back with a feather quill? (Yes) No
What would you do if your partner reveals to you that she/he was raped in the past? Freak out, grow apart, and eventually leave them (Sympathize and make the relationship grow stronger) Ask them to stop living in the past Thank them for sharing the secret
Are we ever going to have those flying cars they've been promising us? (Yes) No
Which would you prefer your ideal match to be more into? Sports (Books) Music Movies
If someone asked you, "What's the worst thing you've ever done?" would you know the answer right away? Yes (No)
Would you be willing to date someone with ADD (attention deficit disorder)? (Yes) No I don't know
Would you prefer to date someone more or less intelligent than you? (More) Less
Do you usually pamper the person who you are with? (Yes) No
Which section of the newspaper (or your favorite news website) would you rather read? (News) Style Sports Opinions
Have you ever given out a wrong phone number to politely reject someone? Yes (No)
Would you be interested in running for any public office? (Mayor, Governor, Senate, President, etc.) Yes (No)
Do you conform with society more, or go against it? Conform Rebel (Neither / Both / Unsure)
Have you ever done something reckless that resulted in a major injury? (broken bones, etc.) Yes (No)
If you saw an acquaintance acting incredibly silly when they thought nobody was watching, would you be more attracted or less attracted to them? (More attracted) Less attracted My opinion of them would not change
Which is worse? Someone who is ALWAYS happy (Someone who is ALWAYS sad)
Would you ever consider marrying someone attractive, whom you've never met, if your friends or family thought that he or she would be good for you? Yes (No)
Could you go out with someone you saw as "posh" or "preppy"? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Would you date someone with no long-term goals? (Yes) No
Are you willing to take a chance to find love even if failing means feeling humiliated? (Yes) No
If it were possible, would you hypnotize someone you love into loving you, even if they didn't even find you attractive? Yes, I'd just want them (No, if it's meant to be, it will be) I'm Not Sure
Is it acceptable for a country to spend more money on its defense program, military, or war budget than on its education or welfare programs? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
If your partner wanted to pay for you, as a couple, to see a professional dominatrix would you go? (Yes) No
Your partner, out of nowhere without any warning, smacks your rear end (quite hard) while out in public... you feel mostly: (Aroused) Embarrassed Shocked Angry
Do you often have strong opinions about the government? Yes (No)
Which aspect of the salmon life cycle best corresponds with your current state in life? I'm a(n)... fry; eating in the stream where I was born. (smolt; moving on to life in the big ocean.) adult; fully developed, living in salt water. spawner; with young, dead.
Could you date someone who has strong political opinions that are the exact opposite of yours? Yes (No)
Do you know who wrote: "Was this the face that launched a thousand ships/And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?" (Yes) No
Do you wear your body hair in a way contrary to your culture's gender norms? Yes (No) Occasionally
Is there anything that science will never be able to explain? (Yes) No
Do you ever use the word "gay" as an insult or pejorative? Yes (No)
Have you used psychadelic drugs (LSD, mescaline, peyote, etc.) or would you like to? Yes (No)
Crowded bar, your eyes meet with someone you've already noticed as being attractive. You... Do the approaching. Let them approach.
In your current music collection, do you have more independant artists or big name superstars? (Independant) Big name superstars A mix of both I don't have a music collection
"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" was originally written by John Locke as "Life, liberty, and..." "property" "security" ("prosperity") - I don't know
Have you ever thought of reading or read any of the Harry Potter books? Yes (No)
Would you date somebody with a tarantula collection? (Absolutely!) No way! bugs are scary! If i could get them to get rid of them
You are in a boat, floating on a small pond. You throw a hunk of iron overboard. Does the water level go up or down? (Up) Down Stays the same I don't care / don't know / am annoyed
How many people would describe you as 'one of their best friends', and really mean it.. (0-1) 2-4 5-7 More than 7
Do you like hickies? (Yes) No
Does your mother let you live your own life or has she not cut the cord? (I live my own life.) She controls and/or interferes in my life. I don't have a mother.
Excluding for work or school, how many hours per day do you spend on your computer? less than 1 1-2 2-4 (more than 4)
On a warm night, a gentle rain begins and the sky is lit bright as day by occasional flashes of cloud-to-cloud lightning. You: Hide under the bed! Ignore it. (Run to the window to watch.) Run outside to dance and play!
Of the three options, which would be the last place on which you would rest a glass of water? (On an open book) On a grand piano On a DVD player
What is too big of an age gap between you and a partner? (5 years) 10 years 15 years Age is just a number
Would you have sex with someone overweight, but not date them? Yes (No)
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. True (False)
Does time heal all wounds? (Yes) No
Would you let someone cheat off of your final exam if they had gone out partying the night before and you spent all weekend studying? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
When you see something on sale that's buy one, get one free, does it make you want to buy it even if you don't need it? (Yes) No
Do you find people from different countries more interesting, on average? (Yes) No
Do you like to be the center of attention? Yes, always Yes, sometimes (Not really, no)
Would you ever get on a motorcycle? (Yes) No
Do you think the government should have the right to censor the media such as television and radio? (No, it's freedom of speech.) Sometimes Yes, they must protect the public.
You win a contest for a choice between two million dollar homes, you take... Urban penthouse (Tropical beachhouse)
Dreadlocks on people who aren't black? Attractive Unattractive (No opinion)
Do you believe there is some unique human quality that separates us from animals? Yes, and it was given to us by God (Yes, but it has nothing to do with God) No, we are just animals I dont know
If your partner is sick, will you still kiss him/her? (Yes) No
How do you feel about kids? Kids are precious - they love me and I love them! They're okay, but keep the unruly ones at bay. God, how revolting. *shudder* (I'm indifferent.)
You witness an elderly person fall over in the street. You: Take pictures! Help them up (Pretend not to notice, and slip away.) Wait for others to help first, then finally help
Someone has deep feelings for you. Might you abuse this love purely for sex? Yes (No)
Do you believe that studying literature is beneficial? (Yes) No
What is your opinion of sarcasm? (I like it or love it.) It's okay. Sarcasm is formulaic and lame.
How much do other people's opinions of you influence your decisions? A lot Some (Very little) Not at all
How do you feel about people with past addictions? Completely uninterested Extremely hesitant A little hesitant (Totally fine)
Are you a pet person? Yes (No)
Do you need to know everything about someone's past? (Yes) No
Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? (Yes) No
Is it important to you to have the last word in an argument? Yes (No)
Do you give in easily when pressured? (Yes) No
Do you go to great lengths to avoid conflict? (Yes) No
Can you accept a mate's limitations without judgment? (Yes) No
Should wealthier people pay higher taxes? (Yes) No
How important is voting to you? Extremely important Very important (Not so important) Not at all important
Do you stay updated on world events? Yes (No)
Would you need to know the sexual history, beyond 6 months back, of someone you dated? Yes (No)
Do you believe in budgeting or tracking expenses to manage money effectively? (Yes) No
Should sex education be taught in schools? (Yes) No I don't know
Should a child who's caught masturbating be punished? Yes (No) I don't know
Do you feel it is necessary to have a significant other at all times in your life? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Would you be able to tell a Manet painting from a Monet painting? Yes (No) What?
If you walked in on your boy/girlfriend masturbating, what would best describe your reaction? Disgust / Horror Anger (Arousal)
Would you be interested in someone who is highly involved with their large, extended family? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Are you intimidated by a partner who is more sexually experienced than you? Yes (No)
What percentage of your day is spent talking to other people in actual social interaction? 75%+ 50-74% (25-49%) 0-25%
What kind of movie would you be most likely to play a leading part in? Action Drama (Comedy) Horror
Do you often sing or whistle, just for fun? Yes (No)
Suppose a user account mysteriously vanishes but this person has told you where he/she works so you decide to show up there and find this person. Is that creepy? (Yes) No
Do you often find yourself wanting to chuck it all and go to live in a mountain cabin with no modern conveniences? Yes (No)
Reality is an illusion created by lack of drugs. Yes (No)
Would you ever wait beside the red carpet at an opening night or awards ceremony, just to catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrity? Yes (No)
A man has information that could prevent an imminent terrorist attack. Under normal interrogation he refuses to talk. Is torture an option? (Yes) No
Do you expect your partner to back you up in a dispute if you're in the wrong? Yes (No)
Agree or disagree with the following statement: "A person who's nice to you but rude to the waiter is NOT a nice person." (I agree) I disagree
You can tell a lot about a person from their appearance. Agree (Disagree)
Is separation of church and state important to you? (Yes) No
Is anything in life more important than your own self-interest? (Yes) No
Do you put more weight in science or faith? (Science) Faith Equally in both
Do you know all the words of your national anthem? Yes (No)
Are you turned off when your lover farts, complains about bowel movements, or exhibits any other human characteristics as such? (Yes) No
Which is more important to the human race: (Preserving our environment) Producing needed goods and materials at any cost
Would you like to fast-forward to a different stage in your life? Yes (No)
Do smart people necessarily have greater potential to change the world? (Yes) No
Would you rather be 10 minutes late, or an hour early? 10 minutes late (An hour early)
How willing are you to meet someone from OkCupid in person? (Totally willing!) Hesitant, but would consider. I am not interested in meeting in person.
Can intelligence be quantified or measured? Yes No (Only Some Parts) I'm Not Sure
What causes Earth's seasons? Earth's distance from the sun (Earth's tilt in relation to the sun) Earth's rotation on its axis Don't know / don't care / not sure
Do you ever get inspired to make something creative for no reason in particular? Very Often Rarely / Never (Sometimes)
Did you ever take a class in school just because you heard the person you liked was taking it? Yes (No)
Would you be able to date someone that was unwilling to share their family history with you? Yes, I'd be dating them not their family. No, What the heck are they hiding? (Dunno, depends.)
How's it going? (I'm fine, really) Just great! How bout you? Oh, it's going. Life is a meaningless hell and I hope you die
Does the idea of being attractive enough to manipulate people appeal to you? Yes (No)
To you, which adjective best describes hopeless, unrequited love? Romantic (Foolish) Creepy
Have you made any wishes or cast any spells lately? Yes (No)
Would you ever date someone that is HIV positive? Yes (No) I don't know
Are you better with numbers or words? (Numbers) Words Both equally
Ivan P Pavlov (1849-1936) won a Nobel Prize for his work in Psychology - Classical Conditioning (Physiology - Digestion) Pavlov never won a Nobel Prize I don't know / I've never heard of him
Is it possible for something to hurt no one-- physically, mentally, or in any other way-- and for it still to be morally wrong? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Someone in a serious but non-monogamous relationship asks you out on a date. You: Refuse / Aren't interested in open relationships. (Are hesitant, but would consider it.) Accept / Are open to non-mongomous relationships.
Do you believe in free will? (Yes) No I'm a compatibilist Don't know/care
Setting random things (non-living) on fire just to watch them burn is: (Amazing amounts of fun) Worth doing when bored Unsafe and stupid Wasteful and stupid
If a good robot was on the market for a price that we all could handle,What type would you buy? (Servant to my needs) Friend to talk and be there Sex I will NEVER trust robots
Do you know what the slang term "Mofo" means? (Yes) No
Do you have dessert after dinner? Yes, often No (Sometimes)
Do you dream of travelling the world or are you happy where you are? Where's my ticket? (I'm fine where I am, thanks)
If you had to name as many famous scientists as you could remember, and as many famous writers as you could remember, which list would be longer? (Scientists) Writers This question is boring me already
Do you look in the mirror more than neccessary? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Would you rather be greedy or cruel? (Greedy) Cruel I honestly can't decide.
If you had first pick one of three desks, which one would you choose? (Conventional (spacious and most functional)) Artistic (eg. shaped like a lion) Family Heirloom (five generations)
Do you find flamboyantly dressed folk attractive? Yes No (Depends on the person)
Would you consider yourself child like (not to be confused with childish), that is having an aura of innocence, a playful attitude, and an expression/feeling of awe at new things. Yes (No)
Have you ever fired a machine gun? Yes (No, but I'd love to!) No, and I hope I never will!
When you hear the name Dylan what is the first to come to mind? (Bob Dylan) Dylan Thomas 90210 Something or someone else / Nothing
Is your second toe longer than your big toe? Yes (No)
Have you ever seen ghosts, spirits, aliens, or witnessed some kind of paranormal activity? Yes (No)
Does language fascinate you (how different languages are related, the development of language over time, dialects, etc.)? Yes No (On occasion, but not usually.)
Is it *really* ok for men to cry? (Yes) No
Do you think your partner is with you to serve you with cooking and cleaning up after you? Yes (No)
If you could take a pill -- with no side effects -- to make yourself smarter, faster, or stronger, would you? Yes (No)
Are you careful with your money? (Yes) No
Your lover doesn't like one of your friends! You have to choose! Lose your friend Lose your lover (I'm Not Sure)
Do you think video or computer games are childish? Yes (No)
Would the world work better by your rules? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Would you consider trying a dish made from dog meat? Yes. (No.)
Do you like to gag girls? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
How would you feel about dating someone who left their long-time partner heartbroken and ruined to be with you? What`s the problem? I`d accept it, but not trust them fully. No way! (I don`t know)
If you could make an exact, microscopic-level copy of yourself, would you do it? Yes (No)
Do you believe in aliens, Big Foot, Lochness, or any other extraordinary creatures? (Yes, all of them) One or two, yes No I don't know
Would you run into a burning building to rescue your pet? Yes, without a doubt No, it's only an animal I'm not sure/Depends on the conflagration (I don't have a pet)
Would you consider to have a serious relationship with someone that has tried to commit suicide? (Yes) No
What is your opinion on Walmart? Retail heaven (Devil incarnate)
Do you prefer the feel of leather or silk? (Leather) Silk
Beards - cool or ugly? Cool Ugly (Depends)
Do you know how to swim? (Yes) No
Are rats fundamentally gross creatures? Yes No (I don't know/care) Only some rats
Would you prefer someone extremely mellow or extremely hyper? (Hyper) Mellow
Have you ever skinny-dipped? Yes (No)
Does someone's appearance lose appeal to you if you find out it's fake? (ie, implants, dyed hair, fake facial piercings) Yes (No)
Do you find British comedies entertaining? They're all I watch. (I like them quite a bit!) Kind of, but I'd rather watch something else. Not at all.
Do you litter? Often Rarely (Never)
Do you feel guilty when you masturbate? Yes (No)
Does someone who refuses to take care of their body (e.g. diet, cleanliness, etc.) have the right to complain about not getting laid? Yes (No) I don't want to answer this question
While shopping at a superstore (e.g. Wal-Mart, Target, etc.), if you change your mind about buying something you've picked up, do you walk back to where you found it to put it back? (Yes) No
Can you perform oral sex on yourself? Yes (No)
Have you ever considered joining the Peace Corps or another similar "intensive" volunteer program? Yes (No way)
Your high-school sweet heart is still in love with you 10 years after you broke up. Romantic or scary ? Romantic (Scary)
During sex, if the other person looked like they had a serious psychological issue, would you stop the sex or keep going anyway? (Stop) Keep going
Have you read your nation's constitution, or other similar document? Yes, all of it Some of it (No, none of it)
Could you date someone who wasn't sure what they wanted to do with their life? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Could you date a giant carnivorous reptile? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
As a kid, who did you like more, Burt or Ernie? (Burt) Ernie I hated that show I don't know what you're talking about
Do you have more than $500 in a checking account at this moment? (Yes) No
Do you know how to change the oil in your car? Yes (No)
On a typical night, what time do you go to sleep? By 9pm By 11pm By 1am (Later)
Lolita? (Brilliant) Overrated Don't know
Do you believe you can communicate using only your mind (telepathy)? (Yes) No
Can you recite any written literary work from memory, including a favourite poem? (No) Yes
Have you ever seen your bestfriend naked? Yes (No)
Have you ever spent more than 8 hours straight playing video games? (Yes) NO.
Sprechen sie Deutsch? Ja (No) What? Ich kann viele verstehen!
Do you love to reminisce about 80s cartoons? (Yes) No
Merlot, Michelob, Mud Slide or Mad Dog? Wine, please Grab me a beer Mixed drinks are fun! I'm here to get drunk....
Have you ever used a Commodore 64? (Yes) No
In a certain light, couldn't being homeless be exciting? (Yes) No
How are your teeth? Perfect Okay (Kinda Scraggly) Fucked Up
You answer the phone and it's somebody trying to sell you something. What are you more likely to do? Hang up immediately. (Say you're not interested when they let you talk.) Listen politely to the whole spiel. Say something clever and cutting.
How organized are the files on your computer? Very - Many Folders and Subfolders (Somewhat - I can find most things) Scattered - Everything thrown together
Are you a man who has ever been propositioned for sex but declined, or a woman who has propositioned someone for sex but been declined? Yes (No)
How large is your cell phone bill? 0-$30 $31-$60 $61+ (Cell Phone?)
In your opinion, which is the more common motivation for people's actions? (Money) Sex
Can you put you legs behind you head? (Yes) No
Which of these cuisines is most appealing? Thai Indian (Italian) Mexican
If a clone was made of you, would you sleep with it? Yes (No) I Don't Know
You are more likely to have an orgasm via Intercourse Oral sex (Masturbation) Sheer force of will
Are you a beer snob? Yes No Not usually, but some beers I won't touch. (I don't drink.)
Would you date someone purely on the fact that they were well endowed? Yes (No) Depend on how 'well' we are talking!
French new wave films? Cool Uncool (Huh?)
Do you usually say Bless You (or similar phrase) when somebody sneezes? Yes (No)
Of the joke "A white man is driving a car. A black man crosses the road, and is struck by the car, entering it through the window. The black man is charged with breaking and entering", which of the following statements is true: (It's racist because it relies on skin color) It's anti-racist, because the court is corrupt The joke is neither racist nor anti racist I don't get the joke.
Would you risk your life for an animal? Yes (No)
Do you have enough savings and investments to comfortably survive several months of unemployment? Yes (Usually yes, but not right now) No
Is there any situation in which preemptive war is justified? Yes, better their country than mine! Maybe, if the situation really merited it. (No, diplomacy only until they strike first.) No, war is never justified.
What is most often the ugliest out of these? Belts Hats Souls (Peoples' naked bodies)
Which group do you think has a more difficult time earning respect? Beautiful people (Ugly people)
Could you date someone who is/was any sort of sex worker? (Sure. At least they know what they're doing.) No way! Depends... what kind of sex worker? The very notion of this question offends me.
If the subway was crowded and you were packed against several people just to fit in the car -- would you grope the cutest one next to you? ...they would never know it was you, much less they were groped. Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
One of your friends flirts with your ex, what do you feel? Jealous Happy for them (It doesn't make any difference) Not sure
Would you be interested in spending a set amount of time, say one day, as a member of the opposite sex? (Yes) No
Psychic tells Joe he's going to have a car accident.... Joe does. What most likely happened? Psychic really did see the event ahead of time (Joe believed so much he made/allowed it happen) Chance: Car accidents aren't so rare
If you were attending Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which house would you want to be sorted into? Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff (Ravenclaw)
Do you believe that there exists a statistical correlation between race and intelligence? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Is it possible for full-figured (not fat) women to be equally attractive as thinner women? (Yes) No
Have you ever donated blood? Yes, and I still do Yes, but I don't want to again/didn't like it No, I'm ineligible (No)
How many fortnights are in a year? 52 14 (26) 365
Think of when you were a little kid and choose the most appropriate answer. I got in trouble all the time. (I never got in trouble.) I never got in trouble because I never got caught.
Your family dog/cat is diagnosed with an illness, and the vet bill will be $2,000. Do you : (Save Fluffy--to hell with the expense!) Grudgingly pay the bill. Have Fluffy put down
Women priests? Sure No way--the Bible and Pope say no. I'm Not Sure (Who cares?)
How much do you usually tip a server who did a fine job? Around 10% or less 10-15% (15-20%) Over 20%
Would you date a person with only one eye? (Yes) No
Would you have a problem with your significant other working as a funeral director? Yes, that's creepy (No, not at all) Cool, can I see a body?
Can you identify a French Manicure? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure What is a manicure?
When it comes to racism, if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem. (I agree) I disagree
Have you ever donated your money or your time to a political campaign or political organization? Yes (No)
Is exposure to sexuality damaging to the minds of children? Yes (No)
Let's say there are two people to in a room with you; one is loud, flirty and attention getting, the other is shy and quiet. Which one are you attracted to more? The loud flirty one (The shy and quiet one)
Art Crimes such as grafitti and other public visual expressions are.. Unacceptable and should remain crimes Art and the artists should not be punished (I don't really care)
You have a one-time opportunity to use a machine with a numbered dial, which, when turned, adds that number to both your IQ and your weight. What do you do? Turn it up -- I'd love the extra smarts. Turn it down -- I'm smart 'n' chunky (Don't touch that dial -- I like myself as is.)
Would you sleep with a married person (NOT married to you) if they approached you for sex? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Could you deal with being second place to something else in a relationship? i.e. a project or computer or someone else. Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
You've been chatting with someone and are hitting it off. They e-mail you nude pictures of themselves. What's your reaction? Very negative Sort of negative (Sort of positive) Very positive, maybe even send nudes back
How old were you when you started your first job? 16 or under (16- 21) 22 or over never worked a day in my life!
Do you have a dark and morbid sense of humor? Yes No (Occassionally)
Do you ever make up stories to tell people, just for laughs? All the time Sometimes Rarely (Never)
Do you find that the majority of people you happen to encounter, you loathe or dislike tremendously? Yes (No)
In this particular butcher's shop, ham costs $3/lb. Turkey costs $6/lb., and Beef costs $4/lb. How much does a pound of bologna cost? 3 (5) 7 Don't know / Don't care
Which of the following best describes your day-to-day eating habits? I eat out: fast food I eat out: slow food (I eat in: home cooking) I eat in: prepackaged meals
In the absense of major predators, do you support population control for large herbivores such as deer or buffalo? Killing for any reason is wrong In principle, but not by setting hunters loose (yes, it's the natural order of things) If they are out of control kill them all
Do you want your partner to be kinkier than you? (Yes) No Not possible
Did you ever have a "goth" phase? No. Yes, and I'm a little embarassed about it. (Yes, and I'm proud of it.) It wasn't a "phase"!
Would you class yourself as "popular"? Very much so A bit No (Definitely not!)
Do you think comic books are "simple" or "not really reading"? Yes No I'm not sure, I haven't read any. (I think that's a misconception. They're great!)
Would you adopt a baby from another country ? Yes No (I don't know/ I'm not sure)
It's a warm, summer evening and it's pouring outside, would you prefer to: Laugh and run in the rain, getting soaked Stay inside & cuddle, watching the rain (Can't decide! Either one, depending!) Grr. Hates the rain. Hates it forever.
Facial hair on guys ... Great! (it's okay) I'm Not Sure Yuck!
Which is better: failing with style, or succeeding dully? (It's not how well you do, it's how well you do it) Winning is winning
Which is more deserving of respect: to never start a bad habit, or to have started a bad habit and then successfully ended it? Never start (Ended it voluntarily)
Have you ever felt so strongly about a social issue or cause that you have participated in a public demonstration? Yes (No) Politics bore me
A bisexual wants to date a man and a woman at the same time. In your opinion, is this person out of line? Yes, being bisexual doesn't excuse infidelity. No, dating both sexes best fulfills their needs. (It depends on the situation.)
Do you believe that it is possible to experience romantic love for more than one person at a time without loving one less because of your love for the other? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Do you have rhythm (at least enough to find the beat of a song)? (Yes) No I think so, but people tell me otherwise
Animal Testing. Pass me the Puppy, we have to test this bleach (The regulations we have are fine.) All testers deserve to be abused! Free the Monkey!
Do you enjoy television or movies more? television (movies) both equally they are both stupid
If you suspected that your bf or gf was stealing from you or your house, would it be crazy or reasonable to set up a trap for them? Crazy (Reasonable)
If your bf or gf betrayed your trust by betraying a member of your family in any way, would you leave them? Yes No I'm Not Sure (Depends on what they did)
Do you prefer partners/friends who challenge your beliefs about human interaction or confirm them? Challenge Confirm (Both equally) Depends whether it's a friend or partner
Generally speaking, do you find it easy to talk to members of the SAME sex? (Yes, usually.) No, not usually.
Do superficial people, who place a high emphasis on physical appearance, annoy you? Yes No (Sometimes)
Would you rather listen to songs that had music but no lyrics, or that had lyrics but no (or negligible) music? (Music only!) Words only! Eh, I need to have both I'm deaf
Would you date someone who is color-blind? (Of course) Depends how severely Probably not Don't know enough to say / other
People who like RECEIVING anal sex are... (Exploring their sexuality to the full) Perverts Beyond my comprehension
If you really liked someone, would you make an effort to clean up before s/he saw your place for the first time? Yes -- I'd want to make a good first impression. No -- someone who really likes me won't care. (I'd clean up a little, I guess. It's only polite.)
If you had an otherwise free weekend, which would you rather do: something new that you've always been interested in, or something you really enjoy but haven't done in a while? (Something new and interesting) Something old you enjoy
Can you cook? Yes, I'm a culinary genius. (Yes, with a cook book.) No, but I try. No, there's always fast food.
Have you ever had an abortion/requested a mate to get one? Yes (No)
What is your quest? To find true love. To find happiness. To find your fortune. (To find the Grail.)
Have you ever had a sexual relationship with someone you met online? Yes (No)
Could you date someone who was radically different musical preferences than you? (Yes, variety is the spice of life) No, I don't want to hear it I'm not sure, depends on the music I'd insist they like my music
Is it ok to interfere in a friend's/relatives personal problem(s) if you thought you were helping them? Yes (No)
Riddle me this, my
fellow OKCupider:
haiku. What say you?
My lifeblood flows in 5-7-5. (That's Japanese right? I like anything from Japan.) Whatever. It's okay. Shut up. Poetry is for dorks!
Do you feel like a 'complete'person when you are not in a relationship? Yes No (I'm Not Sure) I never feel entirely complete
If you could choose to live forever, would you? Yes No (Only if I could be young forever.) Only if I could be young and beautiful forever.
Long walks on the beach... (So romantic!) So cheesy!
Would you read a book just for fun? (Yeah, I like to read.) What, me read if I don't have to? If I have nothing better to do.
If your partner had a foot fetish, would you include it in your sex life? (Yes, for their sake) Yes, because I like it too I'm not Sure No
You have just discovered that your eight year old daughter has been raped. The most important thing to do now is.... Punish the violator, legally or otherwise (Comfort the child) Get past this as quickly as possible Handle this quietly
Does your ideal schedule involve staying up very late at night and sleeping during the day? (Yes) No
Would you give up your bus/train seat for an elderly person if there were no seats left on the bus/train? Yes No (I'm Not Sure) I'm disabled or elderly, so no
Are you accepting of other people? (I'm highly benevolent) I'm selective I'm fussy I'm a hard-nosed bastard
If you could read minds, would you tell anyone? (Yes) No
When you discover there is something you do not like about yourself, what do you do? Change it immediately, why waste time? Get around to it when it starts to bother another (Nothing) Stick it out to see if the quirk changes naturally
How much of your music collection is from independent artists and purchased directly from the bands. (i.e. at festivals, concerts, etc.) (Almost none of it) Less than half More than half I don't listen to music
If your partner wanted to name your first born child after some person significant to them, but you thought the name was the most horrid thing in the world, would you let them? (Yes) No
Would you ever or have you ever gone out on a "pity" date?! Yes, I would (No) Yes, I have A what?
Would you be willing to adopt a child? Yes No I only want adopted children. (I don't want children.)
How often do you walk around barefoot? Always Often Rarely (Never)
Would you date someone from another continent? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Everything changes. This is: (More exciting than scary.) More scary than exciting. Less true than people think.
Are you a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)? No (No, but sounds interesting.) Yes
How do you handle stressful situations? Anger (Calmly working out a solution) Complaining to anyone who will listen Moping alone
What do you think of make-up? Useful (People shouldn't hide their natural beauty) Don't know or care
Do you think physical love is necessary for happiness in life? Yes (No)
Who came first, Beethoven or Mozart? (Mozart) Beethoven I don't know / don't care
Do you believe that morality is completely relative? (Yes) No A little / I'm not sure
Is it important to be friends before being lovers ? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
If your ex significant other wants to walk back into your life would you take him/her ? Yes No (Depends on the timing)
Do you feel you have a purpose or calling in life? Yes (I'm Not Sure) Definitely Not
A little grade 10 science. Ideal Gas Law? (PV = nRT) G + V = 1/T y=mx+b Not sure / wish I could skip this one
Would you ever marry for anything other than love? Yes (No)
If your friend had really bad breath, would you tell them? Yes (No)
Which of the following best describes Science, in your opinion? A belief system, no better or worse than Religion (A method one can follow, to make predictions) A post-hock explanation of God's miracles Hello? Like totally boring, dude.
Who was Hammurabi? The Assyrian King that Conquered Egypt (The Sixth King of Babylon) Pharaoh of Egypt (1279-1213 B.C.) I'm Not Sure
Have you ever cosplayed? (Dressed up as a comic/anime character) (Yes) No, and I wouldn't be interested No, but it sounds cool
Do you support the exploration of outer space? If yes, would you consider taking a trip into space, or even to another planet? Yes, and I'd go out there! (Yes, but I don't want to go...) Nyet! Space Sucks. dur... i'm too dumb, what do you mean?
Which of these do you use/consult the MOST when making decisions? Mysticism/Religion/Higher Power Emotion/Instinct (Logic/Reason) Random Chance
Your perfect mate has an abundance of: (Heart) Money Physique Intellect
Does the thought of being in a serious relationship with a pretty religious person scare or upset you? Yes (No) Depends on the religion
During sexual activities you notice your partner staring off into space, bored. Do you stop? (Yes) No
Where would you prefer to work? A big corporation A small company (I'd prefer not to work)
How many continents are there? 5 6 (7) 8
If you were the only person aboard a space shuttle that was empty on fuel and you just witnessed a gi-normous asteroid collide with earth, obviously wiping out the entire human race with the exception of only you left, what would you do? Immediately kill myself without any hesitation. Go insane and then kill myself. (Idly float through space for the rest of my life.) Ain't no thang but a chicken wang/Nothin phases me
Are you narcissistic? Completely! Quite a bit A tiny bit (Not at all)
Could you easily select 5 or fewer friends to be your only friends for the rest of your life? Yes (No)
With whom would you rather enjoy a good movie? Just me A friend A relative (A significant other)
It's okay to be arrogant and snobbish if you know you're right. Yes (No) Sometimes I don't know
Would you date someone who had a close family member with a mental illness (someone not necessarily living with him or her)? (Yes) No Depends on the illness Not sure
"I slept with Morgan." You interpereted that as: (I had sex with Morgan) I slept in the same bed as Morgan I'm Not Sure
There are 3 wells: Beauty, Wealth, and Love. From which would you drink? Beauty Wealth (Love)
Are you intimidated by persons who have a strong interest in Quantum Physics? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Do you find that arguing with your significant other is arousing to you? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
How often do you wear underwear? (Always) Usually Rarely Never
Do you consider yourself to be an honorable person? (Yes, I always try to do the right thing.) Sometimes, it depends on the situation. No, not really. Are you kidding? I lie, cheat , AND steal.
Does your newspaper/TV news/news website of choice have a political bias? Yes, it's biased towards the truth. Yes, but I can read between the lines. (Not that I'm aware of.) I don't follow the news.
Is it ever okay to kill another human being? Yes. Yes, to save your own life. Yes, if the government orders it. (Never.)
Do you think that being smart is better than being effective? (Yes) No
A person you're interested in attempts to cook a romantic meal for you. After taking a bit you notice it hasn't been cooked completely. What do you do? Smile and hope your gag reflex doesn't kick in. (Tell him/her the food needs to cook a little longe) Flat out refuse to eat it. I'm not sure.
Would you lie to keep your lover from going to jail? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Which is the smallest amount of money you would stop to pick up if you saw it laying in the street? (Penny) Nickel Dime A quarter or more.
Have you ever been a member of an organization like Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, or Campfire? Yes (No)
Do you agree with the statement "everyone's a little racist"? Yes (No)
Hippies? Them's good people, man. I don't dig 'em. (I don't care.)
It's important that I smell good. True (False)
If you saw someone being mugged in the street, would you step in and try to help? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Would you be willing to date someone who has Type I (insulin dependent) diabetes? (Yes) No I am not sure I am diabetic!
Would you prefer a daughter or a son? Daughter Son Indifferent (Neither)
Which best describes your main motivation for checking out this site? To talk to people like me. To find a nice date in my area. To get laid! (To check out the neat matching algorithm.)
Can you wiggle your ears? Yes (No)
At the end of an artistic performance you are attending, most of the audience stands and applauds wildly. You found the performance to be mediocre at best. In this situation, you: Give them the Standing O with everyone else (Stay seated but applaud politely.) Stay seated without applauding.
Would you--for any reason--read your mate's email or pose as him/her online, without their knowledge and permission? Yes, they shouldn't be keeping secrets anyway. Yes, I'd be too curious not to. Only if I suspected them of something. (No, I'd trust them and that would be invasive.)
Do you highly dislike hypocrites? (Yes) No I am one! What's a hypocrite?
If you had to choose between television and radio, which would you choose? (Television) Radio
Do you know how to scuba dive? What type? Yes - ocean diver Yes - lake diver Yes - both ocean and fresh water (No)
How many countries that are part of the European Union can you name? 0-3 (4-8) 9-14 15 or more
Should a country always need the UN's approval before declaring war? Yes (No)
Do you play the lottery? Constantly Sometimes (Never) There is no lottery in my area
You are about 20 minutes from home, you have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad, and you pass a gas station. Do you use the gas station bathroom? Or you do wait until you get home? (Wait) Depends on how bad I have to go. Why wouldn't I?
Is your alarm clock : Your best friend. The bane of your existence. Useful, unless I'm hungover. (Useless; I have an internal clock.)
Are people who believe in the paranormal (IE: Ghosts, Vampires, Aliens, ESP, etc.) all crazy or suffering from some sort of mental disorder/delusion? Yes, and they all need mental help, now. Yes, but I couldn't care less. No, but I personally don't believe (No, I'm a very big believer in the paranormal.)
Hypothetically, and if the lack of either wouldn't affect your health, which would you give up? Sex (Sleep)
If you are in a long-term monogamous relationship (engaged, married, etc), would you consider your partner ‘open mouth’ kissing someone else cheating? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Does it annoy you when an OkCupid user has no pictures that show their face? Yes (No)
Are your standards of beauty dictated by status quo? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Do you tend to over analyze things your partner might say? Yes No It depends (I'm not sure/Maybe)
What's more important in a relationship, disliking similar things or liking similar things? Disliking (Liking) I'm Not Sure
If you could only keep one sense, what would it be? (Sight) Hearing Touch Smell
If you had to name your greatest motivation in life thus far, what would it be? Love or Sex Money, Wealth, Prosperitity Art, Music, Expression (Intellect, Knowledge)
Do you think anything pertaining to God should be removed from public use? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
Someone is staring at you, and you notice. Do you: Stare back intensely until he/she looks away? (Look away first, or immediately?) Raise an eyebrow (or two)? Say something lame? "Take a picture..."
Can you sleep with noises in the room, or does it have to be completely silent? My own heartbeat has been known to keep me awake. Music is ok, but nothing else. (Noise is fine, as long as it isn't a clock.) I live on an airport runway. Nothing phases me.
How was your childhood? Wonderful! (It was okay.) Not great, but I'm no worse for the wear. Awful, and I have emotional issues as a result.
Would you date someone that you'd had a one night stand with? Yes, but only if the sex had been good. (Yes, but only if I liked that person.) No.
Are you a good liar? Yes (No)
How many concerts do you attend a year? 8+ 4-7 1-3 (0, typically)
Should speech be... (Completely free) Have some censorship Be very censored Only say what the dictator wants!
What do you think of the game of Rugby? A game for savage barbarians Cool, but not for me.. Can't get enough of it! (I don't know anything about it/I don't care)
If you were dead or nearly dead from some currently incurable condition, would you want to be cryogenically preserved in the hope that someone in the future would revive you? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
You see a yellow light and aren't sure whether or not you can pass it before it turns red. What do you do? Speed up (Slow down)
Do you believe that mind and body are separate entities (Dualism) or do you believe that they are in a state of unity? (Monism) Monism Dualism (A bit of both) Uncertain
How important is it to you that your partner smell good? Very damn important Important-ish (Less important than you might think) I just don't care.....at all
Are you able to make a descision and stick to it? Always (Sometimes) Rarely Never
You walk out of your home first thing in the morning, late for work and in a serious hurry because you greatly enjoy your job and don't want to lose it. At the same time, a bird with a broken wing is struggling in some bushes nearby. What do you do? (Keep moving - sorry bird, I gotta roll.) Stop and do what you can to help. Kill it - put it out of its misery. Keep moving, but feel bad about it.
Pretend time! Say someone (who lives far away but somewhere you've wanted to go for a long time) messages you online. Having a great time talking for an hour or so, they offer to fly you there the next day to meet them. What do you do? (Yay! I'm there first thing tomorrow!) Let me think about it and get back to you. Decline politely. What the hell? Block list.
You see someone you don't like, walking towards you on the side walk. What do you do? (Pass them quietly) Pass them making a remark Cross the street Duck into the nearest building
Do you feel comfortable in an educational or academic environment? I love it; I'd possibly make teaching a career (Yes, but sixteen to twenty years is enough for me) I can tolerate it, but it's just a means to an end Get me as far from school as possible. Now!
Do you paper the toilet seat? Yes, always (No, never) Only in public restrooms Only if the restroom seems dirty
Are you an insomniac? Yes No (Occasionally)
How do you take care of household pests (cockroaches, spiders and the like)? Squish! Careful Relocation Outside I'm Not Sure (Live and Let Live)
Do you chew with your mouth open? Yes Sometimes (No)
Would you date someone who was only interested in a committed, long-term relationship? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Would you pose nude for a magazine? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Does the idea of time travel appeal to you? Yes (No)
Do you enjoy visiting art galleries? Yes (No)
Do you brush your tongue? Yes (No) Sometimes
Do you find yourself affected more by movies than by real life? Yes! (No...) I sure hope not
What's the most off-putting or unattractive? Zits all over the face (Zits all over the back/bum/legs) Major obesity None of those things matter to me
Whats more important- happiness or saftey in relationships? Being happy Being safe (I'm Not Sure)
Do you wash your sheets regularly? (Yes) No I don't even use sheets
Your date for the evening surprises you with a pair of opera tickets. You ask whether Domingo or Carreras is singing. (say "I've never been before, but fun!") go along to avoid hurting your date's feelings. develop a sudden, severe case of the flu.
Would you date someone that's smart but achieved nothing in life? (Yes) No
What is the approximate circumference of planet Earth at the equator? 7,926 miles/12,752 km (24,901 miles/40,065 km) 238,856 miles/384,319 km don't know/care/not my home planet
A difficult, somewhat trying relationship where your opinions on many subjects are more often than not divergent, versus an easy relationship where you agree on nearly everything all the time. Hard - life is defined by difficulty Easy - why argue with the one you love? I'm Not Sure (Life isn't that black and white, bub!)
Do you prefer hardcore or softcore when it comes to your porn? (Hard!) Soft! I'm Not Sure I don't like porn
If you were in a serious relationship and you learned that your partner cheated on you one drunken night, could you forgive him/her? (Yes, if he/she was sincerely sorry.) No, never. It depends on the situation. I don't believe in monogomy.
Should women be just as likely to be drafted during a major war as men are? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
If you could live your life over again, from the beginning, would you? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
What do you think when you hear the word 'cell'? (Cellular phone) Biology Jail cell Other
Could you take a short term break from a completely healthy relationship to see other people (with the intent of returning to your relationship)? Yes - It would be nice to broaden my horizons (No - Who else could I want?) Only if someone hot were at my doorstep If it could make me a better lover to my partner
Do you believe in second chances when it comes to romantic relationships? Yes, it may work out in another time/place. No, it didn't work the first time, it never will (Depends on the relationship)
If you found out your partner was cheating on you, would you cheat on them in revenge? Yes, they have it coming! (No, I'd confront them first.) No, I'd dump them on the spot. Maybe, if one of their friends is cute.
If you asked for time off of work to see your favorite band and it wasn't granted, would you skip work to see the show anyway? Yes (No)
If a man receives chocolates at work from his girlfriend or wife as a surprise gift, he should feel: (Loved and special) Embarrassed, now he looks like a wuss Indifferent Untrusted, she's marking her territory
Assuming you've been in a failed relationship, Does your ex's opinion still matter to you? (Yes, a little) No, Never Yes, Still waiting on a second chance!
Would you want to be the leader of your country? Yes. No, I don't think I'd be best for the job. (No, I wouldn't want that much responsibility.) I'm not sure.
Would you ever try to conceive a child as a way of "trapping" your partner? Yes (No)
Do you have a TV in your bedroom? Yes (No)
Have you done mandatory national service for your country? Yes, or intend to if required. No, I managed to get myself off the hook (National service is not mandatory in my country)
Do you monitor your diet? (No, I eat whatever I like, whenever I like) Yes, I am trying to lose / gain weight Yes, I always eat balanced and avoid junk food
Do you believe that ALL illegal residents should be deported? Yes No (Depends on their circumstances)
What is more important to humanity: (Establishing a Mars Colony) Uniting all governments into one Curing most known diseases Eliminating poverty
If someone gives you a gift, do you typically feel obligated to return the favor? (Yes) No
If you had the opportunity to join the first manned mission to Mars but in exchange would never see earth again, would you do it? Of course, let's bring mankind to glory. Yes, there is nothing here that holds me. No, I'm not interested in space. (No, I'd miss my life/my family/my planet too much)
Are you capable of being faithful even if your lover is away from home for long periods of time? (Yes) No
How many instruments do you play? None, and I don't care (None, but I'd like to) 1 or 2 3 or more
Do you think you basically conform to stereotypes about whatever sex you were born into? Yes (No) Varies from day to day I changed/am changing my sex
Do you believe that bras and panties belong in matched sets? Yes, matching is the way of the world. No, who cares? That depends on the occasion... ;) (I Don't Know.)
If you were to die tomorrow, would you be satisfied with the outcome of your life? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Do you think politics have an impact on your everyday life? Yes (No) I'm Not Sure Who cares?
Would you date someone who doesn't own a car? (Yes) No
What style of online writing annoys you most? (It gt 2 b dis typ: cuz it showz dat dey is fik) ThIs TyPe: It JuSt LoOkS sTuPiD.. ALL CAPITALS: THE STYLE OF THE ATTENTION SEEKER! Consistent proper English: We are not at school!
Do you live with your parent(s)? Yes (No)
Do you believe there are only two genders? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Do you frequently say "Thank You" to people at times where most wouldn't? (Example: your teacher hands you your homework assignment) Yes (No) Sometimes
Ouija Boards - Cool or Crap? (Very cool!) Crap - a waste of time! I'm Not Sure.
Of which of the following sins are you most likely guilty? (Lust) Avarice Gluttony Sloth
If you worked as a waiter/waitress, would you flirt with customers just to make more tips? (No, that would be wrong.) Sure!
Have you ever been described as "fidgety"? (Yes) No Once or twice
What are you most afraid of? Public Speaking Heights Being Fat (Failure)
Are attractive people generally bad persons? Yes (No) What?
Do you think safe sex should be taught in schools? (Yes) No
What do you do with your money? Spend it all and live paycheck to paycheck. Save some for an emergency fund; spend the rest. (Save some/most of it, but not invest it.) Save some/most of it and invest it.
How much affection can you tolerate? (Inifinite) Most of it. A little bit. Get off me!!
Are you concerned with your image and the way others perceive you? Very Much So Often, yes A little bit (Not at all / I hate the mainstream)
How long have you known your best friend? Less than one year One to five years (More than five years) I have no best friend
In your humble opinion, is fornication in public much hotter than plain old indoor sex? Yes No (I'm Not Sure / Wouldn't know)
Guys/girls who are tall and lanky: Love it! Hate it! (Don't particularly care)
Would you consider dating someone who had spent considerable time in a mental health facility? (i.e. mental hospital/institution.) (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
No means NO! (Always. Period.) Mostly, occasionally it's really a Yes in disguise A No is just a Yes that needs a little convincing! Never, they all want me. They just don't know it.
Which of the following is MORE important to you: (Finding someone I love and want to be with) Having children
Would you ever consider dating an open-minded atheist? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Do you care about the plight of aboriginal people whose land has been taken away from them? Yes (No)
What is your opinion of the practice of meditation? Boring! (I could take it or leave it.) It's something I've always wanted to try. I meditate frequently.
Could you date someone who has (and acts on) radical-left politics? Yes No way, you commie (As long as it's non-violent.) Not sure
Can you change a tire on your own? (Yes) No
What is your attitude toward service-industry/hospitality professionals (waitstaff, bellhops, valets, etc.)? (They deserve their tips) They need to get a real job It's a good way to start your career They're so beneath me
Is there a point in a relationship where it can get "too serious"? Yes (No)
Would you date someone who almost exclusively chose to date people of a race different from their own? Yes No (I'm Not Sure)
If you could kill all the mosqutoes in the world in an instant, would you do it? Yes! (No) I'm Not Sure
A college-level education is... Necessary (Nice, but not mandatory) Unnecessary
Have you ever cut off contact with someone after seeing their pic? Yes (No) No, but I would if they were not attractive enough
If a friend asked you -not- to hit on a male/female because -they- liked them, would you respect that wish? (Yes) No
Does violence ever solve anything? Yes, everything (No, violence solves nothing) Most of the time Almost never, but sometimes
Have you ever taken a break while at work to "play" with yourself ? Yes (No)
If you were being honest, would you say you believe that the value system of your culture or nation is the best there is? Yes, definitely.
If you meet someone and they are everything you are looking for, except their body type, do you give them a chance? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
Would you/Have you ever dontated your sperm or eggs? Yes No (No, but I would consider it)
On average, are women more or less capable of clearly articulating their feelings and motivations than men? more less same (unsure / don't know)
How are you most likely to show your partner you care? (Words: Tell them how much you appreciate them) Actions: Do something nice (like a date or errand) Gifts: Buy them flowers, jewelery or a new gadget Touch: Give them a hug, massage or kiss
Have you ever written something on the wall of a public toilet? Yes (No)
What would you choose: having dessert or having an alcoholic beverage? (Sweet and/or chocolate and surely calorie ridden) Barkeep - another over here, please! Hmm... That's a tough one
Have you ever read the same book more than twice for purely enjoyment purposes? (Don't count children's books.) (Yes) No
The idea of being a "housewife" (ie primary caretaker of house/spouse/possible children): Is appealing Is creepy, housewives have no self-respect.
Would you date a person missing limb(s)? Definitely. Not a chance. (Depends on which limb(s).)
Do you feel the urge to correct people who say stupid things? Yes No (Sometimes)
Have you ever made a booty call (invited over or visited someone you were not actively in a relationship with, just for sexual activity)? Yes, and I still do. Yes, I have done it, but don't any more. (No, and I never will.) No, but I suppose I might.
Have you ever gone white water rafting? Yes, I love it (No, never) Yes, but never again No, but I'd like to
Is it ok for a girl to ask a guy out on a date? (Yes, it's perfectly ok) Yes, but it comes across as desperate No
What do you feel is the hardest part of a romantic relationship? The first time you meet Going from friends/dating to 'relationship' Dealing with the person day in day out for years (The end of the relationship (by whichever means))
Do you believe that intelligence is a big factor in how long it takes a person to get angry or frustrated with something or someone? People of higher intelligence are quick to anger People of lower intelligence are quick to anger (Intelligence has nothing to do with it)
On average, how do your friends compare to you, age-wise? They're mostly older than I They're mostly younger than I (They're about the same age) I don't have that many friends
Teasing: Fantastic, make me a sexual martyr (Good in moderation, only if something comes of it) Not so fun Horrible, the work of evildoers
When you take a liking to someone you... (Talk to them as often as possible.) Talk to them occasionally. Wait for them to talk to you. Avoid them.
Do you ever want to punch people you don't know, right in the face, for superficial reasons (the way they grin, their clothes, their voice,etc)? Everyday It's happens, but not often (Never)
You're talking to an attractive person in a bar and almost everything they say is in some way connected to television or films. What does that make them? Major geek. Bye. Cool - I'm just the same (Doesn't bother me)
You see someone at a party who isn't talking to anyone. Do you Introduce yourself. They look nervous. Ignore them. They look snotty. (Hang back and see if anyone else talks to them.) Hit on them. They look lonely.
Would you consider dating a High School dropout? (Yes) Yes, if they are doing well No
How many hours of television do you watch per week? (None) 1-7 8-20 My brain is fried
Do you value humility? Yes (No)
Could you date someone that has put off a relationship with someone else, with the intent of picking it up again later? Yes (No)
Do you automatically hold the door open for someone behind you? (Yes) No Only if they look like they need help
Do you write creatively (novels, plays, poetry, and so forth)? Call me Shakespeare Yes; only for assignments, though (Not really / no)
Would you or have you ever been best/good friends with someone you used to date? (Yes) No
Would you date a person who was disabled and needed some personal care(help with bathing, eating, dressing etc...)? Yes, and I would help them with their cares Yes, but I wouldn't want to do their cares No (Maybe, It depends on what they need.)
Do you find body hair attractive? Yes (No) Depends on where the hair is
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I'm ready when i wake up Less than 1 hour (1 - 2 hours) 2 hours or more
What of the following is most offensive to you? sexual promiscuity general hypocrisy (cruelty/violence toward others) religious fanaticism
If your 9 year old daughter was begging you to allow her to wear a thong, what would your response be? (Sure, why not?) Hell no. I would consider it.
Do you play Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage/Bemani or other rhythm games? (Yes.) No. I have no idea what you're talking about.
Conflict is unavoidable in even the best of relationships. How do you take yours? Loud and strong: I will be heard! Calmly and rationally: there's no need to shout. (Unavoidable? Not if I keep my mouth shut.) Unavoidable? Not if she keeps her mouth shut!
How obligated are you to help your fellow human beings? Every man for himself. (Live and let live.) Charity for those less fortunate. Strive to make the world a better place.
Are some sex acts with consenting adults inherently Wrong or Immoral? Assume no unusual risk of injury. Yes (No) I'm Not Sure
Would you date someone who used to have a problem with cutting themselves and have scars to prove it? (Yes) No I'm Not Sure
How would you say your self esteem is? High Low (Neither high nor low)
Are you grossed out by acne ? Totally (I can tolerate it in moderate amounts) Not at all
In general, are you a competitive person? Very often (Sometimes / rarely) Never / not really
Do you write down important dates and appointments on a calendar? Yes No (Occasionally)
Are you prone to fits of jealousy without just cause? Yes (No)
After you make a decision, is it usually final? Yes (No)
Could you live a life full of travelling? Yes (No)
What's your opinion of male crossdressers? I have no problem with them. You go girls! I respect them, but they still freak me out. (Whatever they do in private is their business.) They should be put out of their misery.
What's your opinion of female crossdressers? (Isn't that impossible nowadays?) I respect them, but they still freak me out. Whatever they do in private is their business. They should be put out of their misery.
How would you react if you were singled out, and focussed upon, on the big screen at a huge sports event? Jump around and show off Curl up and die (Pretend not to notice and 'look cool') Change seats/run to the toliets
Once a cheater, always a cheater. True False (They just need to find the right person.)
If the technology to freeze your age and not get any older was available, but the trade off was that you had to act that way forever, which age range would you stop at? (18 - 25) 25 - 35 35 - 45 45 - 60
Which of the two would be your preference: A lifetime supply of your favorite snack food or a 30-minute orgasm?? (Duh. The 30-minute orgasm) Give me the Snacks!
What age is it appropriate to talk to your children about non-standard relationships? (e.g., homosexuality) (Before 10) After 10, before 17 18 or later Never
When you draw a picture, write a poem, or otherwise do something creative, are you shy about letting other people see it? Sometimes (Rarely) Often If I'm still learning the required skills
If given the opportunity, would you take lessons on how to swing-dance? Yes (No) I already know how.
Suppose the government reinstated the draft into the military. You get drafted for a war. What do you do? Go where my country tells me to go. (Dodge the draft.) Depends on where they're sending me and why.
Do you believe dreams have hidden meanings to them? (Yes) No
Would you pretend to share an interest with someone you really liked as a way to gain favour with them? Yes (No)
Do you like having a relative silence in your flat or house (no loud music, screaming, etc) ? Yes, I prefer my house silent No, I love noise I'm Not Sure (I like silence but I need a backgroud (tv, radio))
You find out that a romantic prospect of yours belongs to a broken family, does this lower your view of them? Yes, he/she is likely to have weak family values. (No, what matters is the individual)
Is it better to live by your own moral standards and allow others to live by theirs, or is it better to press your moral standards upon other people? (Live and let live) Press those morals!
Your significant other is perfectly content with their minimum wage job and has no plans to look for more challenging/better paying work. Is this a problem? Yes, I wouldn't be able to tolerate that. Somewhat, but it's their life. (No, I don't mind.)
Would you date someone with braces? (Yes, braces are hot!)
Would you open your spouse's personal mail? We're a couple, who cares? (No, that's theirs to open.)
Would you consider attending the wedding of a relative you haven't seen since childhood? Yes, no matter what. No, they're not a part of my life anymore. (Depends on the circumstances. Distance, time, etc)
Do you ever ignore people? Yes (No)
If you are walking with a companion and they tend to walk slower than you, what do you do? Slow down to walk with them Race ahead and then wait for them (Walk just a couple of steps ahead) Ask them to speed up
Do you suffer from insomnia? No (Occasionally) Yes. I never/rarely sleep
Are Sex and Intimacy the same thing? Yes (No)
Might the fact that a food contains "exotic" ingredients such as sheep intestines or insects detur you from trying it? (Yes) No
Do you have all of your teeth? Yes (No) Some are replacements, but they look real
An ex wants you to come over and hang out: a situation that is likely to lead to hooking back up with him or her. Do you: (Go over: it's not like you haven't before) Go, making sure things stay at 'friends only' Don't go: can't risk it Suggest you both go out with a group